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Whats A Manlier Sport Football Or Hockey?

i have a bet with my friend that football is manlier than hockey but my friend disagrees and says that there is far more violence in hockey then there is in football what do you think

Any Help With Hockey Betting?

I’m from Montreal, we have a sports lottery called „Total”, I was wondering if anybody can tell with almost certainty what the final outcome will be for any of tonight’s games:
Teams-Total (Over or Under)
Florida at Atlanta 5.5
New Jersey at Carolina 5.5
Philadelphia at NY Rangers 5.5
Buffalo at Ottawa 6.5
Minnesota at Detroit 5.5
Montreal at Boston 5.5
Pittsburgh at Tampa Bay 6.5
Dallas at St. Louis 5.5
Phoenix at Edmonton 5.5
Toronto at Los Angeles 6.5
Vancouver at San Jose 4.5
Total is basically determining whether the final score will be over or under the game line. I’m leaning on Dallas, Detroit and New Jersey games to be under 5.5 but I would like to know what your thoughts are. Thanks in advance.

Why Do You Think That American National Sports Radio, Espn And Fox, Is Full Of Hockey Haters ?

The overnight guy Andrew is hard to take serious so I never listen to him anyways, but while I was waiting for the score updates he said he couldn’t respect a sport where the players wear ice skates. Is this kind of ignorance a badge of honor?
Rest of lineup don’t even try to learn about the sport. They fall back on old tired cliches of the sport.
Never mind the fact in markets that where always big Hockey has gotten greater ratings and attendance then the basketball team. Not to mention there are Hockey markets where people wouldn’t watch an NBA game if it was in their drive way.
Colin Cowherd on ESPN is another rabid Hockey Hater who thinks ESPN dropped the sport, because it is a dead sport. So that begs the question is Bowling taking the nation by storm or that ESPN made Arena Football so popular it had to shut down for the year or go into bankruptcy.
Lastly Mike Tirico and Scott Van Pelt have decided to just ignore the sport. Scott Van Pelt seems to think he’s too cool for school to be talking hockey. I bet if the New York Rangers where in the Stanley CUP he would be trying to jump on the band wagon. Because that’s all those ESPN guys seem to talk about 1994 and when Wayne Gretzky.

Where To Watch Hockey In Toronto?

Heading to Toronto, but can’t find the tickets to the game that we wanted so our next bet is going to watch the game at a bar or something. What is the best sports bar near the Arena to watch the hockey game in Toronto. Must have good food too!

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What Do You Think About Field Hockey Players?

I play field hockey and everyone thinks that its a stupid sport, all the football guys make fun of us, but i bet if they tried to play they would sprain something. Tell me what you think! please!

Who Does Not Watch Or Follow Televised Sports, Football Baseball, Hockey Soccer Basketball Tennis Golf, ?

who does not like or watch and follow sports, serious question, do you have friends, how do you get along in society, where you work, when there is a big game, and everybody bets, do you not follow sports and members of your family do, how do you get on, is there friction, inconvenience, how is your social life, answers accepted from anyone thanks

What’s The Best Site For Betting On Nhl Hockey And Other Sports?

I am getting ready to load up an account somewhere to get ready for the season.

Can You Help Me With Some Hockey Playoff Betting?

Between each teams in the playoffs, who do you think will win and in how many games? (For example: Sharks top Predators in 5 games.) Any statistics and info will really help!

What’s The Best Site For Betting On Nhl Hockey And Other Sports?

I am getting ready to load up an account somewhere to get ready for the season.