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How To Host A Website That Hosts User Accounts?

Hello, I’m a Sports Handicapper and I’ve been working under a company with other handicappers. But what I would like to do now is break away and create my own service, now that I have a good reputation. I want to create a website for which I can sell my betting picks. I’ve been searching all over net (and I don’t know A LOT about websites) and I can’t seem to figure out HOW to create a website that would allow users who visit the website to create accounts and login to the website. Ideally, I’d like users to be able to come and create a free account, then can they log in and choose to subscribe to daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly services in which they’d have access to all my picks. Once they’ve subscribed, they’d be able to view my picks when they log in.
I know how to create a website and do a fair amount of things, but I can’t figure out how to create a website that allows people to „login”. Is this just too complicated for a guy like me? Do I have to hire someone for this?

Should The Host City Be Able To Pick The Final 2 Sports For The Olympics Instead Of A Ioc Vote?

In other words lets say what ever city wins the bid for the 2016 Olympics should they get to pick the 2 remaining sports (27-28) for the Olympics?
Had this plan been in place London could of had the option of picking such sports as Rugby Sevens’ , Squash or maybe Netball or any other from a list of Olympic recognized sports being the criteria. Maybe even 20/20 cricket.
Why I proposed this idea is that it gives the host city at least a say in 2 sports that would have appeal and not be such a burden to build a venue that was a waist such as baseball was in Athens or Barcelona.
If say Tokyo or Chicago won the bid for 2016 then it’s a safe bet they would probably pick Softball maybe Baseball or Golf. In the case of Tokyo maybe Karate or Sumo Wrestling.
Remember up till Atlanta 1996 host cities where allowed to pick demonstration sports, but they had limited appeal as they never could as part of the actual Olympics. Where as know they would count.
For 2020 it would be the same thing again the city that won the bid would get to pick #27-28 sports as long as they are Olympic recognized sports.

Is There A Place Where I Can Host A Religous Site For Free, With No Ads? (hopefully With Unlimited Storage)?

is there any organization that donates domain names to churches and ministries? would need multiple domains, the more the better. the purpose of the sites would be to spread the word of God, first, and secondly to combat evil on the internet.
(‚evil on the internet?’… think of pornography, phishing scams, identity theft, spyware, gambling, music theft, etc etc etc)

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