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A Huge Problem In The Black Community No One Likes To Talk About?

The hole thug loving think is out of hand. Black girls(NOT ALL BLACK GIRLS FOR YOU PEOPLE WHO WANT TO SAY I DONT LOVE THUGS) but anyway to MANY black girls like thugs aka losers because it shows power but bad power but power none the less.We need positive black men in the medie that are not rappers or envolved in sports because young black men only want to became a athlete or a rappers NOT ALL. Ive been told im not black enough by black girls to become there boyfriend gasp big surprise! then people wonder why GOOD black men go to white women. So I say BET has to go it shows stereotypes of us that sadly i see alot out in public. Also stop trying to find scapegoats for our bad deeds! Yes othere races have bad deeds but im black so i dont care about what goes on in othere communities. SO how do we fix the bull???

Do Huge Betting Odds Like In The Movie Dodgeball Really Exist?

Remember when Average Joe’s gym is going 50 to 1 and Vince puts the 50 gs on the game. Is that really possible or is it all again just in the movies? Lol. Good question, huh. Thanks for your answers people.

Recently I Lost A Huge Bet To My Girlfriend?

we got in a argument on the sports and gender… and i basically said that guys were always at least a little bit better than girls at any sport…. well she took it up as a bet and beat me in a game of tennis. so now im basically forced to get on here and ask what girls i have to wear for 2 days (including everything) and what i have to do those 2 days.

I’m A Huge Sports Fan. How Do I Learn How To Bet On Sports And Make A Profit?

I’m a statistics junkie and I watch tons of sports. I usually enter the small office pools and pick em’ contests at bars and do very well. I’m looking to learn how to bet on sports profitably and possibly turn this into a career as a handicapper. I’m a complete newbie and need advice!

Has Anyone Lost Huge Amounts On Sports Betting? Did You Get It Back Or Are You Still Trying To Get It Back?

Huge is such a relative term. I know people who think $500 is huge . Others think $2000-5000 is huge. Others wager that or more per game. So you really need to be more specific.
I make a living betting on sports and obviously over the years I’ve had good and bad weekends. I have never been in a negative position but I have given back won money occasionally. That is just the nature of the beast.
Now from the sounds of it you are in a hole and you are thinking of trying to over extend to get out. Don’t do it. If it doesn’t work you will just be in a deeper hole. If it does work then you’ll just pick up a bad habit that will lead to taking these bad risks again. Just pay off the debt and start again slowly.