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I Bet On The Cowboys, Is It A Good Idea?

I honestly think the Cowboys have a chance not just because i am a fan but because when you make as many mistakes as Romo did you know thats all he is going to work on this week. you have seen how great he can be and these two explosive teams is going to be fun to watch…BTW i live in AZ and we don’t have the game, sports bar here i come! i dont think ANYONE knows who is going to win it is going to be a VERY close and exciting game. what do you think?

I Don’t Have Any Idea To Write This Essay? I Need Help?

This is the topic:
Many people now have personal computers, and the use of electronic services such as the Internet is becoming more widespread. Some parents are concerned about children using the Internet to gamble or buy goods on credit.
How can access to electronic services be controlled?
Thanks all

We Want To Start A Membership Club. The Idea Is To Keep The Riff Raff Out And Only Allow People Of Like Statuo?

It is a place ( snack bar) where food is available, beer and sodas also, music and karoake, tv, internet access, and a small general store. Not in the usa so discrimination is not our problem, we just dont want drunks, gambles, killers and other malabads to come in here.

I Have An Idea For A Show On A Sports Netowkr?

I want to pitch a show idea to a major sports network although i do not work for the network itself. What is my best bet if i want them to find out about my idea. Also, is there anyway i can protect the idea for my show even though the show is about the sports team and the network owns the right to that team.
Just trying to see what rights i have going forward.
Thanks for your help!

Why Did The Idea Of Gambling Begin In The First Place?

What is it that causes the start of gambling? I am sure that the idea of gambling start a really, really long time ago.
Gambling is really common as in casinos, sports betting, and playing cards in casinos, and slot machines.

Sports Fans – What Do You Think Of My Idea For A New Betting Website ? Its Not An Advert I Promise Just A Idea

basically instead of putting your self against the bookies you would bet against actual people on a site with its own forum.
so say i support man city (i bloody dont like ) and you support man utd, you say man utd will do the double over man city and are willing to bet upto ?50 on it.
me the man city fan who isnt as wealthy says well i will bet you ?20 that you wont. its then agreed and the money is stored in a nuetral account of the bet site and paid to the winner of the bet minus a small commision charge.
any good ?

Is A Spreadsheet A Good Idea For Betting Sports? Why?

yes and no –
its good to keep good records if you are a serious player, its to your advantage to keep things neat and easy on yourself
the problem with spreadsheets and computer systems is they alone dont pick winners, you still have to do that and thats the hard part!

How Do I Protect My Idea For A Game Used On Online Bookmaking Sites?

I have recently come up with an idea which I believe would be of interest to bookmakers who offer various luck games online.
For example, many bookmakers offer various lottery/keno games, a hi-lo guessing game, perhaps a sport game (ie darts, guess whether the total will be above 60 or similar) etc.
I have thought of a game that to my knowledge no bookmaker has come up with yet, and I believe would be a successful one – but I don’t want to directly tell them the idea in case they steal it and create the game.
What can I do to protect my idea, and what would be the associated costs with such a thing? I am from the UK.
Thank you very much!