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I Really Need Some Horse Race Betting Info Help, Can You See In Advance, A Bracket, Or Who Is Racing Who?

im going to santa anita race track this saturday. i want to find online a bracket of who is racing who so I can look up their previous races myself. is this possible?

In A Sports Bet? Parlay Ticket.. Info Needed?

just want to know my boyfriend betted on the colts -3.5
what does that mean.. colts lost by 2 points right?
so did he lose his money?

Has Anyone Else Had A Terrible Experience Using Info Traders, A Horse Betting Company?

I signed up for a one year membership with this company called InfoTraders…they claimed a 5 figure profit in a year, and have since made a LOSS on my account, AND they wouldn’t give back my membership fees for being incompetent.
Has anyone else used them and had other experiences?

Best Info About Online Gambling Is Where?

Looking for a good directory about online casinos and gambling on the internet.

I’ve Never Tried Online Gambling. Where Do I Get More Info About How To Play At Internet Casino Sites?

Is there a guide for first-timers?