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Is It True Vegas Is Betting More Troops Will Die In Afghanistan Than Iraq?

The answer to your question is „No.”
This question has been floating around from before Vietnam, when it suddenly became unpopular to serve your country. Bookies would often state that Vegas was betting on the troops, the same way they were betting on that season’s football teams.
The truth is that this is a disturbing lie, and has never been true. You mostly hear about it from people who are against the military and the current war time situation.
I would also venture to say that if you went to Vegas and tried to locate an actual place to put down some money on this, that you would be soon picked up by the local authorities and asked to leave.

But The Liberals Told Me Iraq Didn’t Have Anything To Do With 9/11?

So why is Al Qaeda issuing statements about the war?
From Aljazeera news:
Al-Qaeda’s deputy leader has described the US plan to send 21,500 more troops to Iraq as a gamble that is bound to fail.
Ayman al-Zawahiri also criticised the US Democratic party for not changing US policies, he said in an audio tape posted on the internet on Tuesday.
„[Bush’s] addiction to gambling … motivates him to continue to place losing bets until he goes completely bankrupt,” al-Zawahiri said.
„Were the Americans to leave [Bush] alone, he would continue to send their forces to Iraq until the mujahideen kill the last one of their soldiers.”