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Why Do Sportsbooks Often Take More Than The Standard Juice Of 5 To 10% When Betting The Over/under?

it seems 2/3 of the time they take 15-20%. I understand it is even or +5% on some over/under bets but it doesn’t equal out to be the standard against the spread bet juice of 5-10% in the end. I thought the over/under number was set so as to „even” out the odds so the standard juice is all that is taken, but they take more.

What Sportsbook Offers -110 Juice On Their Sports And Never Move The Juice Up Or Down. (they Stay At -110)?

I am looking for a sportsbook or bookmaker who has an online website, whatever, that offers -110 on all sports and never moves their juice around. in other words say SEATLLE/GOLDEN STATE has an o/u at 199.5 i want to see over 199.5 @ -110 and under 199.5 @ -110. better example in hockey. PHOENIX/PITTSBURGH has an o/u at 5.5 i want to see over 5.5 @ -110 and under 5.5 @ -100. other sportsbook might have over 5.5 @ +120 and UND @ -140.
i’m just looking for somewhere that dont move their vig.
I am trying to scalp. Make money on a game no matter which team wins! I know its possible to scalp games!

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