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Are You Betting On The Kentucky Derby This Weekend?

I havent even heard the horses names yet but I already have a couple of dollars in an office pool.

The Kentucky Derby Is Next Week, Who Do You Like?

Who do you want to win the Kentucky Derby, will you watch the race, are you going to bet on it. Its the most exciting 2 minutes in sports.

How Would I Set Up A Betting Pool For The Kentucky Derby?

Random drawing not betting on a specific horse

Why Is Kentucky Against Poker But Allow Horse Race Betting?

They say that playing poker is gambling. That there is too much chance in it.
Well, why in the heck do they allow horse betting? Seems you have 0% chance to affect the outcome. Seems 100% chance.
At least Poker does have some skill, otherwise how can someone win tournaments more than 1 time.
I am confused by why they allow one and not the other?
Thanks for any clarification you all can provide.