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Why Is It So Funny When A Man Gets Kicked In The Genitals?as A Man This Isn’t Funny To Me At All!?

I mean come on MEN, why do YOU laugh at this joke? I LOVE women very much, but I wonder If a women got kicked in the genital would everybody[including women]think that this is so funny.Because I don’t get the joke !If you are being attacked by a man in self defense O.K. I understand.Otherwise this whole notion of kicking a man in the genitals for fun and sport is crazy. Let’s start seeing more movies where women get kicked in the genitals,I bet that will change public oppinion!

Will Ferrari Be Pleased Winning The Championship By Getting Mclaren Kicked Out?

What a pathetic bunch of losers Ferrari are. They are getting their butts kicked on the track and Raikkonen has been thrashed by Hamilton. So instead of trying to improve their car, they throw the dummy out of the pram and cook up this scam and stuff and nonsense about a stolen technical manual. (YAWN!).Typical Italians – just like their football team – whinge whine and moan when they lose. So if Mclaren get banned on Thursday Ferrari can celebrate a wonderful victory this season. I bet Raikkonen or Massa will feel so proud of themselves – what a great way to win a championship! I’ve followed F1 for over 15 years, but I will never ever watch it again if Lewis or Alonso have as much as 1 point deducted by the FIA. And I’m sure millions of fans, not to mention the sponsors feel the same. Go on FIA, you Ferrari biased Italian apologists – shoot yourself and F1 in the foot and ruin the sport for good, just so Ferrari will stop crying like big babies. Ferrari and the FIA – pathetic losers!