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Legal Gambling Age In Texas?

I’d like to bet on pro sports games when I turn 18. Will that be legal in Texas?

What Is The Legal Betting Age At Belmont Race Track In New York?


How Does Online Betting Work? Is It Legal?

You can find everything explained at http://nadalbg.proboards61.com/index.cgi?

Is Betting Against Stock Markets Move Legal?

Betting over a certain stock’s move between 2 individuals. For example I’ll bet $100 if XYZ goes down or up at the closing time or vs.

Is Betonmydime.com The New Wave For Legal Gambling In America?

This site gives you the play money to place bets on major sporting events and they pay real cash from the revenue they collect from their advertisers. This is like smoking without the nicotene…awesome idea.

Is It Legal For A U.s. Citizen To Gamble Online?

I know it’s illegal to host gambling sites in the U.S., but am not sure if it’s also illegal to partake in the gambleing.
Even if it is illegal, does the government go after internet gamblers?
P.S. It’s my money…I’ll do what I want!

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Is Online Gambling On Sites Like Sportsbook And Bodog Legal In The United States?

I just want to bet on sports.

Is It Legal For U.s. Citizens To Trade Futures On The Irish Prediction Exchange Intrade.com?

The SAFE Port Act seems to suggest it isn’t, or at least that it’s illegal for a U.S. bank to fund your account.
Here’s the bill:


Here’s the Wiki:


This site:


„The real-money prediction exchanges are not exempted from the Internet Gambling Prohibition and Enforcement Act of 2006. Also, there?s no indication that the US Treasury and US DOJ will exclude the real-money prediction exchanges (a.k.a. betting exchanges) when they will enforce the law.”

Is Online Sports Betting Legal In The Us?

I’ve heard it is not legal, but that doesn’t stop most people. Why is that? is it impossible to monitor or something?

It Is Legal To Bet On Sports In Michigan?

I don’t think it is, no – only casino gambling or small scale pools and wagers.
You can read the full Michigan gambling statue here:http://www.gambling-law-us.com/State-Law?