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Can I Gamble On Bodog Legally From Within The Us?

Can i play poker for real money and place bets on sporting events through bodog from within the united states. I was told it is legal to actually play for real money but once winnings are deposited into a US bank account a federal crime is being committed

Can You Legally Gamble On Dancing With The Stars In Vegas Casinos?

I’m taking a trip to vegas and I want to place a bet on the dancing with the stars finale. can I make a bet like this in a vegas sports book? which one do you recommend?

If You Ask For A Voluntary Six Month Ban, Are Casinos / Bookmakers Legally Obliged To Enforce It?

I’m asking because of this guy:http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk?
If he asked for a ban, and had then gone in and gambled and *won* a lot of money, but the bookmakers asked for it back because he was supposed to be banned, he may not have been quite so keen for his bets to be seen as being invalid. But because he lost, the bookmaker is supposed to return the money from the bets. Surely, the ban would be very hard to enforce anyway, as bookies often have different staff on, and you can always go in when people who don’t know you are there, or go to a different bookies.
What are your opinions?

How Much Can I Bet Legally In Nevada On A Sports Game Before I Have To Pay Federal Taxes?

There is no tax on betting on sports games, there is only tax on winning on sports games.

Is There Anyway For A Citizen Of The United States To Bet On Sports Online Legally?

Yes, Just go here http://bestfreecasinochips.tripod.com and click on casinos that accept Us players. You will find an excellent casino, poker room and sportsbook all in one here. They will also not give you any problems even though you are from the US.

Can I Bet On Sports On The Internet Legally In California?

If so how does it work and on what website do I do this at. If i use my Atm or credit card will the money be credited to my card. are the odds just the same as if i were to go to vegas?

How Do I Legally Bet On Sports?

How do I legally bet on sports? I.E. if I wanted to bet on an NFL game this weekend how would I do it? Do casinos have sections where you do this? Do I have to be in Vegas? Or is there no legal way to do this kind of betting.

Where Can I Legally Bet On Sports?

I live in Illinois and I’m trying to find a website where I can place bets on sports legally. Any ideas? Is it even possible?

Are There Any Sites Where You Can Legally And Safely Bet On Sports?

I’m in the US. Does anyone know any sites like this?
I used to bet on sports in Canada, where it’s legal, and I miss it.

Who Can Help Me Learn About Sports Betting On Line So I Can Safely And Legally Bet On The Cavs?

help me understand the odds rules percentage and stuff . which web site is best where are you cav’s fans