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Why Is Tiger Woods Life Being Talked About On Politcal Shows!!!??ugh You People?

How is it relevent to anything? Even the shows I like, Hannity,Rush, but even the liberal too and all the news channels, they are pissing me off, Oh my gosh, another ATHLETE CHEATS ON HIS WIFE..big deal? But everyone SWOOPS in like VULTURES ready to mouth off their opinion. But take a CHILL PILL, because honestly MOST MEN given his situation/opportunity of women would do the same thing…so shut up. Ya know, i heard tiger was actually kind of a sonbitch in real life…but i would TOTALLY make him my NEW favorite athlete(even though I only watch UFC) if he said „Okay, everybody shut up. Mind your own business. This has nothing to do with golf or politics” Just like Barry Bonds did when people flamed him about steroids and it was ALLL OVER the news, politcal shows . But he said „Everybody lies, y’all’ve lied. Go clean your own closet before you clean someone elses.” Hell, and Barrys thing actaully HAD TO DO with his sport. I wish tiger would man up and say something similar. BUT, because of PEOPLE like you,a nd all this media crap, hes taking an „break” from golf. Well i hope you SPORTS PEOPLE are happy! You made him quite because of all the ATTENTION and IMPORTANCE you give to SPORTS, ATHLETES, and there LIVES.
Why are we all getting self RIGHTIOUS about it and talking about how bad he is? There are PLENTY of people we can do that about, but people are so NOSEY and self rightious. I dont care if you have an opinion about what he did. It DOESNT MATTER retards!.
Whats that have to do with our ECONOMY and our relations with other countries? Nothin! I mean if they mentioned it for a couple minutes, ok fine maybe. But they TALLLLK and TALLK and JABBER about it!
AMERICANS are sport OBSESSESD, thats the problem! Get some perspective dumbies! Its a game, they are players, quite IDOLIZING THEM. YOU PEOPLE know who you are! You go to stupid games, have season seats that cost thousands of dollars, you trade time for having sex for „watching the game”(GAY!) you PANT your face like a CHILD, you throw TANTRUMS like a child when your stupid team LOSES. And why do you let yourself have such NEGATIVE emotions over a team just because they are from your state?! They GET TRADED anyway all the time, and were from DIFFERENT states to begin with anyway! They have NOTHING in common with you. Some of you morons even get TATTOOS of your team! LLAAAAME! Jeeez..GET A LIFE! Problem is you have a boring life and sports and other peoples lifes and sports are more interesting. I bet most of you CHOADS sit around and drink beer and do lame stuff like cook with your guy friends because your to afraid to go out and get laid . But is not just the guys, its the WOMEN too.
Now we live in a society where chicks are all into sports, and its THEM who are calling in on these talk shows alot, and giving their dumb opinions. They also LOVE saying how AWFUL Tiger is for doing that with all those women…BECAUSE they want to make him seem like a WORSE guy than he is..BECAUSE..they really know DEEP DOWN, that ANY MAN given that kind of OPPORTUNITY with women, WOULD TAKE IT!! Any that bothers the heck out of them.
But my main thing is you people are way to into sports…THEY DONT MATTER. They are for FUN. Quit obsessing about them and making them more important than what they are.

Have You Play : Second Life ? Economy ?

The Coming Second Life Business Cycle
By Matthew Beller
Posted on 8/2/2007
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Matthew Beller’s Second Life avatar,
designed to resemble Ludwig von Mises
Ludwig von Mises once wrote that an economist „must be conversant with mathematics, physics, biology, history, and jurisprudence, lest he confuse the tasks and the methods of the theory of human action with the tasks and the methods of any of these other branches of knowledge.” In modern times, with the increasing popularity of computer-based interactive virtual worlds, it may soon be necessary for economists to familiarize themselves with the intricacies of virtual reality, lest they confuse the tasks and the methods of real-world economics with those that apply to virtual reality.
Some economists might dismiss virtual worlds as an application for economics, given that they do not contain any resources that are traditionally considered scarce (lumber, steel, oil, etc.), but a closer inspection reveals that some virtual worlds contain real market economies complete with scarce resources, property rights, entrepreneurship, and exchange. Furthermore, real people underlie the inhabitants of virtual worlds, so we can therefore analyze their economies using Austrian economics and the science of human action.
One virtual world that is currently popular is called Second Life. Second Life was created by the San Francisco-based company Linden Research, Inc. and opened in 2003. It is an Internet-based three-dimensional virtual world where its 8 million unique residents can interact with one another.[1] Residents can create virtual clothing, hairdos, houses, airplanes, concert halls, video games, and endless other items by using an infinite supply of „primitives,” which are atomistic objects that can be shaped, colored, combined, and programmed to behave in a particular way. Residents can then replicate their creations and sell the copies to one another at whatever price they set.
Second Life has attracted attention from Wired Magazine, The Economist, and other media with stories of a burgeoning economy and entrepreneurs earning their sole incomes by selling virtual goods and services. Accordingly, real-world economists and Second Life’s residents alike could benefit from a closer look into the actual workings of its economy, and the effects of economic intervention.
Second Life’s economy could reasonably be compared to that of a small foreign country dependent on tourism. Consumers are inhabitants of the real world who take what are essentially pleasure trips to Second Life, perhaps to meet new people at a dance club, shop for virtual clothing, attend a conference, or gamble at a casino. Like real tourists, consumers exchange their real US dollars for Second Life’s currency, the Linden Dollar (L$), typically on a currency exchange run by Linden, called the LindeX. They then use their L$ to purchase goods and services created by other Second Life residents, and if they have extra L$ when they’re done, they can sell their L$ for US$ on the LindeX.
Linden, essentially representing the state in Second Life’s economy, does not generally interfere with economic activity. The Economist reports on Linden founder Philip Rosedale’s attitude toward intervention,
„Mr. Rosedale prefers to rule Second Life with Adam Smith’s ‚invisible hand’ only. To him that means treating every resident the same, whether it happens to be Toyota or ‚an 80-year-old woman from India.’ Both will pay the same price for their [virtual land]; what they do with it is up to them.”
Proponents of private property and non-intervention would certainly laud such a hands-off policy. If Linden’s goal is to create a setting for a stable, growing economy that will provide the most satisfaction to the most residents, it must avoid the pitfalls of interventionism that plague real-world economies. As Ludwig von Mises and others have shown, one interventionist policy creates distortions that must be fixed by other interventionist policies, which lead to problems that require further intervention, and so on, until the state controls every aspect of the economy.
Unfortunately, despite Mr. Rosedale’s free-market rhetoric, a look at Linden’s actual practices reveals that it has already started down the path of intervening in the economy. One critical example of Linden’s intervention is that it has granted itself the ability to manipulate the single-most important commodity in any economy: money.
In the Terms of Service, the L$ is defined as „a limited license right available for purchase or free distribution at Linden Lab’s discretion, and is not redeemable for monetary value from Linden Lab.” By defining the L$ in such a way, Linden has granted itself the power of a central bank in managing Second Life’s equivalent of a fiat currency. Linden can create as many new L$ as it wants, whenever it wants, and spend them or give them away at its own discretion. Also, because Linden maintains a peg of about L$270=US$1 on the LindeX, it gives the appearance that the L$ is as good as real-world money.
Fiat currencies are subject to much criticism, particularly by Austrians. However, they are not criticized because they cause undesirable economic distortions in and of themselves. Rather, they are criticized because, unlike commodity monies such as gold, they can be created from nothing, so are highly susceptible to artificial expansion and manipulation. This expansion, as the Austrian theory of the business cycle shows us, is the source of economic distortions that lead to unsustainable booms, followed by inevitable busts.
To establish whether Linden has in fact been manipulating the L$ supply and determine if Second Life is susceptible to bust, we can examine historical economic statistics published by Linden for signs of artificial growth in the L$ supply. The graph below shows Second Life’s L$ supply since September of 2005, as well as the two consolidated sources of month-to-month changes in the money supply.
Your eye might be drawn to the sudden acceleration in L$ growth at the end of 2006 coincident with a significant increase in LindeX sales (where Linden is creating new L$ and selling them for US$), but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Ignoring the problems with the US$, LindeX sales represent inflows of real wealth into Second Life. When residents purchase L$ on the LindeX using US$ that they have earned in the real world, they are foregoing consumption in the real world in order to spend or invest their newly purchased L$ in Second Life.
It is actually the small, perpetual budget deficit that reveals something quite sinister. Unlike L$ sales on the LindeX, they do not reflect a flow of real wealth into Second Life. Instead, they are created by Linden to represent wealth, but no economic production was involved in creating them. These deficits occur when the weekly L$ stipends Linden pays to premium residents exceed its revenues from land rentals and other administrative services it provides to residents. In order to fund the deficits, Linden creates new L$ and injects them into Second Life.
In the United States, the Federal Reserve’s primary mechanism for increasing the US$ supply involves purchasing debt securities issued by the US Treasury. Linden’s process slightly differs in that it creates exactly as many L$ as are needed to make up for its budgetary shortfalls without ever issuing any debt. Every time Linden runs a deficit, the L$ supply instantly increases by an equivalent amount.
Linden’s monthly budget deficit might appear insignificant in the graph, but in fact Linden has been increasing the money supply by an average of 6% per month this way. Annualized, it is more than doubling it each year. During the past year and a half, Linden created L$876 million through its deficits, which makes up over 33% of today’s L$ supply. These figures certainly suggest that Linden has been artificially expanding the L$ supply, but there is one possible argument that would indicate otherwise.
Premium members who receive weekly L$ stipends pay Linden US$9.95 per month for that privilege. One could argue that this US$9.95 represents an inflow of real wealth into Second Life to make up for the L$ created through deficits, but this argument is tenuous. These US$ revenues are presumably used by Linden to pay its employees, maintain its servers, and pay other operating and financing costs, with the remaining profit or loss passed on to its shareholders. Unfortunately, as the graph below shows, there have been months when Linden’s US$ revenues would not have been enough to cover the new L$ creations.
In September of 2005, Linden collected as much as US$98,000[2] from premium members, which is equivalent to about L$26 million at the L$’s current exchange rate. But during that month, it created L$36 million in order to fund its fiscal deficit. That means that even if Linden had not allocated a single US$ to its employees or incurred any real-world costs whatsoever, it still would not have collected enough US$ to match its newly created L$.
„Second Life’s residents could benefit from a closer look into the actual workings of its economy, and the effects of economic intervention.”
Given the strong evidence that Linden has unnaturally inflated the L$ supply, Austrian economics tells us that there are a couple of potential outcomes that are likely to occur. In the first, Linden will stop running significant deficits at some point. With less L$ available to spend, residents will demand fewer goods and services, leading to lower prices and reduced profits. Previously profitable enterprises will go out of business and the wealth of many residents will decrease, slowing overall economic activity.
The other possibility is that Linden will continue running deficits to the point that a sufficient number of residents and speculators will recognize the L$’s frailty. In what Ludwig von Mises referred to as a „crack-up boom,” everyone will scramble to redeem his L$ for „real goods,” which, in the case of Second Life, is probably the US$.
As more and more people sell their L$ on the LindeX, Linden might choose to maintain its L$270=US$1 peg for some amount of time, but operating under the assumption that it has not maintained 100% US$ reserves, it will eventually run out of US$ or decide to stop selling them, and the L$ will depreciate rapidly. In either outcome, residents will discover that they possess less wealth than they perceived they had during the time leading up to the crash.
To summarize, it appears very likely that Second Life will experience at least some form of economic recession. Depending on its severity, it might result in Linden’s losing many of its customers. If Linden wants to prevent this from happening and foster a stable, growing economy within Second Life, it should apply the lessons of Austrian economics to its policies: abolish restrictions on content, strengthen the ability of residents to enforce their property rights, and, most important, tie the L$ to a real-world commodity money backed by 100% reserves.
Matthew Beller is a former employee of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and currently works for the Securities and Exchange Commission in Los Angeles. Send him mail. Comment on the blog.
The Securities and Exchange Commission disclaims responsibility for any private publication or statement of any SEC employee or Commissioner. This article expresses the author’s views and does not necessarily reflect those of the Commission, the Commissioners, or other members of the staff.
[1] SecondLife.com/

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Life In Reno ?????????

Hey I am 16 and my parents company is transferring them in 2 months. Reno nevada is the 1st place on their list for transfer and I was wondering if I should be excited and cheer them on or hope for another place?
Can you tell me if Reno Might be cool by this Info
I personally live in Northern California but I am from Ireland Originally.
I love sun shine and I am a trainer at a gym here in North Cali, so are there gyms in Reno?
What is the weather like? Is It really hot?? Or is it like truly 90 F in the summer ? Because I dont like it when I am too hot. I will not be going to school in Nevada because I go to a great Internet school. I am a total metaphysical person and love the whole hippey new age movement are there any places (shops etc.) that are that kinda thing in Reno you know those Buddhist, Meditation, Celtic type things???
What are the people like mainly???
I dont mean to offend anyone or anything but my sister was a victim of a racial hate crime in San Diego by a bunch of Mexican people (the drug dealing, meth head kind) and she still has problems when she even comes in contact with that whole type of attitude… are there a lot of those people in Reno??
Are there any Californians? Or Irish people??
Is there a lot to do for non-gambling age people in Reno. I love poker but its not legal for me right now :P
What are some things you do like about Reno??
how Long does it take to get to California from there??
* 58 seconds ago
* – 4 days left to answer.

Why People In West Counties Like To Enjoy Her Life! Certainely This World Is A Temprory World?

In the holy quran (the islamic book) , The God say : All of property in this world is like toy and the best operation for a man or woman is that worship the god and do his life in the best direction. but people in the west countries and east far like to live like an animal. you suppose an animal like to eat and drink and do some sextual activity. but the human shouldn’t like an animal.
imagine many people in the world like to go to night clubs and drink wine and do gambling and so many erotic sites in internet and gathering money without helping to poverty people .
but they don’t know anything about the big earthquak .
when was hapen this earthquak?
certainely , it will happened. and all of the world people will gatherd in the other world. they must answerd to god.
what did they do? why they gatherd money and property and didn’t help to poor people?
why they didn’t accept ISLAM as a complete religion?
the god fill hell fire with these people.

How Long Can A Religious Person Go Without Quoting The Bible On Any Subject, Be It Sports, Life, Tv, Weather?

The sleeping hours don’t count, although if they talk in their sleep, you can bet they’ll slip in a proverbs this or revelation that…..

My Sister Is Being Forced To Go To Court And Is Potentially Risking Her Life!!!?

Me and my sister work in a bookmakers. About 6 months ago there was a gang of lads who were laundering money in our shop. They are seriously dangerous and are well known around my area.
The courts have said that my sister has to go and testify against them. Over the past 2 weeks she has been getting threats of this gang threatening to kill her and our family (they are serious!!!). She has spoken to the courts who have said that regardless of the threats, she has to go!
What can she do??

Would You Bet On Your Own Life?

i think this man is amazing…
A terminal cancer sufferer stands to cash in and collect another ?5,000 in winnings today, after betting he would stay alive. Mr Matthews, from Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, was diagnosed with mesothelioma – a cancer linked to asbestos – in April 2006.
Keen to defy doctors’ predictions that he would not see in 2007, he placed a ?100 stake with odds of 50/1 with bookmakers William Hill that he would remain alive until June 1, 2008. This won him ?5,000.
He also made a further bet of the same amount and odds that he would survive until June 1 this year, which is set to net him another ?5,000 today.And he has a third and final wager of ?100 at 100/1 that he will survive until June 1, 2010, which would see him gain ?10,000.
Mr Matthews, a widower, said: „I think I’m the first person in the world to bet on my own life.”
He added that the longest doctors at Harefield Hospital in Middlesex had heard of anyone surviving mesothelioma after diagnosis was 25 months.”I reached 26 months a year ago and on June 1 this year I will have reached 38 months,” he said. „When I was diagnosed I was told mesothelioma was a death sentence.
Mr Matthews said he plans to give most of his winnings away to charities, including the cancer charity Macmillan.”I know I’m going to die eventually and I have no real need for money, so it will mostly go to worthy causes,” he said.
William Hill spokesman Graham Sharpe said: „We had never been asked to accept a bet of this nature before, but as Jon approached us directly and was adamant that it would give him an additional incentive to battle his illness, we offered him the bets he wanted. „Never in 30 years in the business have I been so pleased to pay a winning client ?10,000, with, I trust, a further ?10,000 to come next year.” http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopi?

How To Turn My Life Around?

Ok. Other than, say, those that starve in ethiopia..
And „friends” that have been imprisoned out of stupidity..
I’d say my life has been pretty screwed up.
I went straight for the family business during school, achieved my GED later because everybody „praised” the Good-Enough-Diploma.
All the GED is now, is a laughing-stock, far more than against pure dropouts. Yeah, and the family business failed because the old man became addicted to internet gambling.. crap. Useless.
I’m now in another state, keep hearing about the economy going to Hell. My job has me to 3 days out of the week, under 6 hours a day.
They’re talking about and considering removing our Fridays, so that’s 2 days a week. Can’t keep up with my bills that way. Oh, and when it comes to getting another job: There’s this girl in Austin who comes up for every background check on me. The FBI’s identity-theft hotline is strictly automated „report only”, I can’t speak with them, and it doesn’t seem to have been resolved.
Not even the military will accept me because of a „genetic eye disease”. I explained to them it was a pencil in 2nd grade. They ignored me. Told me I couldn’t handle night-vision missions when my eyes are LIGHT sensitive. (which means perfect night vision btw) They’re morons.
Now. I don’t have money, can’t get money.
Get another job? I can’t. Identity theft unresolved and everybody does background checks.
Join the military? Read above.
Get a grant/loan? GED, can’t get a grant, have tried many times.
As for loan, I can’t even make my car loan.
I’m.. out of ideas. I need someone with better experience to brainstorm here. How can I turn this around?

What Is The Name Given For Life At The Internet?

Some people say it is second life and some people say that it is half life. I have been searching this to get results of what is there in the internet world such as Lows, Businesses, Gambling, Games, Chatting, rules, work and so on. What is there in the world of internet. I need a list. I also need quotes of famous people who new that internet life was to come or expand and be very use full in soo many ways. I Tried searching for second life and half life. But the result didn’t come out. Instead i got some things unrelated. What is the name of life at the internet? Who ever has a link related to this then please include it.

Save My Life !!! : At Least ‚ten Ways’ To Make Money On The Internet (no Porno No Capital No Gambling)

SAVE ME : Can Anyone help me to change my life from this MISERY !!! I THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.