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What Do „line” And „over/under” Mean On Betting Odds? How Are They Calculated?

For example, before today’s Celtics-Lakers game, the odds in the LA Times listed the Celtics as the favorite and the Lakers as the underdog, with a line of 2-1/2 and an over/under of 192. What does „2-1/2″ mean and what does the cipher of 192 signify? Is it total points scored or something?
By the way, I’m not a bettor, just curious. =)

How Does The Point Spread/betting Line Work In Baseball?

like what does |Yankees…10—8.5 …Indians

Whats The Difference Between Betting On A Team With A -0.5 Line And The Money Line?

well for betting on a team with -0.5 is like betting on moneyline (1×2), but you also must take in consideration this handicap of -0.5. That means that at the final score (or half time score, depends on the bet you make), you take out the 0.5 points from that team.
as an example, if you bet on manchester united (-0.5) vs chelsea, in the case of a draw (let’s say 1-1), the bet is a winning bet if you placed your money on chelsea (as the final score with handicap would be 0.5 – 1)
if the final score is 1-0, the final score considering the betting handicap would be 0.5 – 1 = and you can see from these simple things who is in advantage and won the game
Moneyline betting is regular betting, where the final score (with no changes) is the one to be considered for settling the bets

Were Do The Get A Bet Line On Sports Who Makes The Line ?

who makes the line?
the betters make the line. the bookies/off shore betting casinos/las vegas/etc… want to only get even money on each side. so they move the line as people bet. so if team A gets money on it. They move the line to make it more interesting for people to bet on team B.

Money Line Bet? If I Put Down $7,000 On A + 185 Bet How Much Would I Receive Total? And What About A +425 Bet?

Money line explanation for sports betting……I am confused by it and need help in the department thanks!

Best On Line Betting?

I am at present bet or lay in horseracing with bet fair. Is there any other online bookmaker with whome you can bet as well LAY your bets.

What Does The „line” Mean When Reading The Odds Bookmakers Give For A Game.?

Pittsburgh -7.5 vs. Cleveland

What Is The Betting Line On The Games Tomorrow? What About The Money Line?

I hear that the cardinals are 35:1 odds to reach (or win) the superbowl. So what would be a good bet? I wanna WIN some money, so i’m willing to make 4 bets at a local Vegas sportsbook.

How Does The Money Line On A Sports Bet Work?

a money line is a bet that does not involve a point spread, a normal bet on the point spread would be bet $11.00 to make ten most sportsd books in Nevada call the $1.00 juice.
With a money line there is no point spread, also if the money line is like -1.50 means you have to put up $1.50 to make a $1.0, if the money line is +1.50 means you bet $1.00 and you make $1.50 but you team has to win, the minus number is usually the favoite the negative number is dog.
go to www.american wagering.com, click onto leroys sports book to learn more about wagering on sports.
Or I can give you a few more lessons, I have over 6 years experince in Nevada as a Sports Bookie in the Casino!

I Have A Question About Money Line Sports Bets?

Here’s an example:
It happens that tomorrow’s money line on the Yankee – Mariner game is New York -175, Seattle +165. Now suppose that you and I both go to a sports book in Las Vegas and I take the Yankees and you take the Mariners.
If the Yankees win, you lose $100 and I win $100.
If the Mariners win, I lose $175 and you win $165.
Now here’s my question: Assuming that there is an equal amount of betting support for each team, it looks to me like the sports book makes money on this type of bet only when the underdog wins. Is this true? If not, how does the book make money when the favorite wins?

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