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What Do U Look For Most When Betting On Horses?

Any system you got? Does it work?

Look At How This Article Spelled Tim Donaghy’s Name?


In case it gets corrected later on, it read:
A former high school classmate of „Tguiltyaghy” pleaded guilty Wednesday to charges he paid the disgraced basketball referee thousands of dollars for inside betting tips on NBA games.
Was it a hacker or did he actually write that or did someone on yahoo mess up?

This Was A Smart Bet Huh?? Look At That Payout?

Parlay (4 Teams) 11/20/07 00:02 ET
bet 28.57 to win 285.70 (paid 314.27) Result: Wager Won
Bucks(Milwaukee) 111
Cavaliers(Cleveland) 107 11/20/07(19:10 ET)
Bucks(Milwaukee) +6.5
Lakers(LA) 134
Pacers(Indiana) 114 11/20/07(19:10 ET)
Lakers(LA) -1
Raptors(Toronto) 99
Mavericks(Dallas) 105 11/20/07(20:40 ET)
Raptors(Toronto) +9.5
Warriors(GoldenState) 108
Knicks(NewYork) 82 11/20/07(19:40 ET)
Warriors(GoldenState) -1
Thats why I dont work for a living, I just bet on sports.

Why Do People Look At High Definition Tv In Absolute Amazement?

Ok granted watching a movie or sporting event on a nice tv is nice. Big tv, nice picture, I get it its better than older small TVs. But I’m talking about those people that will sit there and talk about the resolution and how real the grass and trees look, will sit there and just in absolute amazement like its something they have never seen before. If your watching a sporting event, do we really need to see the individual blades of grass, and the beads of sweat coming off the atheletes, the texture of the ball. If you want to look at a grass or trees you could just go out side and look real grass and real trees, take a look at a real ball yourself? whats the resolution of real things in real life, i bet its higher than 1080p? Why do people need this level of detail on a tv?

Where Can I Look Up Weird Stats And Bets?

I’m looking for a site that has things like over under’s on pitchers win’s, how many players have consecutive 30 point games (nba). stuff like that. The things that sports announcers always bring up in the middle of games.

Where Would A Beginner Look To Bet On A Sports Event?


Embarrassing Sports Bets? I Want To Make Him Look Like A Fool.?

Me and my boss are gonna bet on the season series between the White Sox and the Cubs. He told me a story about how he made a bet with another guy, and he won the bet. So this guy had to get dressed up in a bunch of cubs stuff and had to go on this very busy street in rush hour hold a sign that said „Honk if you love the Cubs” That one was good but I need some ideas to come up with. Heres one I came up with, he would get either „Cubs Suck” or „Go White Sox” shaved in the back of his head. So any ideas you have would greatly be appreciated.

Bookmakers Drive Bmws. Bet Shop Fodder Look Like Vagrants. Why Do Seemingly Sane People Bet Regularly?

Times have changed a bit now. These days the bookie shops make the majority of their profit from virtual racing, numbers games and machines.
Smart punters have just as good chance of making money as most independent bookies now.

Overall, What Is The Best Brand, Year, Sport That I Should Look For When Buying Cases Of Sports Cards?

I could research this by looking for odds for special cards for all kinds of boxes then compare what those cards sell for, mainly on ebay but someone probably knows. The casino was a big problem I had and I’ve not went for over a year but now I’m saving lots of money but want to „invest” what isn’t being saved in a fun hobby and collecting sports cards is what I did for a long time as a young man, early teens and before. So I’ve went on ebay, bought some packs, didn’t get much to be excited about and I’m just wondering if I’m going to spend a couple of hundred dollars on boxes/cases of cards every month or so, what would be my safest bet to get a great card (thousand dollars, two hundred dollars, anything substantial). I’ve decided that it’s more fun buying new cards than old because anything old that could be good is usually expensive. If you’re a dealer, reply with your info, maybe we can work out a deal since I’ll be buying often, on shipping/pricing. Thanks a lot.

I Am Look For A Sports Book Which Offers A 3 Pick 10 Point Teaser On Football Betting.?

adjust the football spead by 10 points