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Why Is It That When You Watch An Old News Cast Or Sporting Event It Looks Old?

when i watch a sporting event or news cast from say 10 years ago, everything looks old and outdated. However, when i watched these things in their original airings i didn’t think they looked stranged and even said to myself: i bet i’ll watch these same things on tape later on in the future and they will look old and strange.

This Run By The Lakers Looks Familiar (article From Sports Writer John Ireland)?

As I watch the Lakers rise like a rocket towards the top of the NBA, I keep thinking that I’ve seen this movie before. And the other day, I finally figured out where.
I’ve been a huge basketball fan since I was in college, and when I became a sportscaster, I followed the NBA religiously. As I watch the West play out, it’s happening the same way it did in the East in the late 80’s and early 90’s.
Back then, there were three „Super Powers” in the East. Boston was the team loaded with Hall of Fame players at the end of their careers (Bird, McHale, Parrish). The Celtics won games with veteran leadership and smarts, even though you knew they were almost out of gas. You knew that they knew how to win and it was crazy to bet against them.
The best team of that era was Detroit. The Pistons were loaded with stars in their prime (Isiah Thomas, Dumars, Rodman). You knew that if the games were officiated straight and that if Auerbach didn’t cheat, that the Pistons were just better than the Celtics. If every player on every team was healthy, the Pistons were the favorite.
But the team everybody knew was coming was Chicago. The Bulls had the biggest star in the league in Michael Jordan, and he was unbelievable. He was in his late 20’s, and you could start to see that the team had finally surrounded him with some help. The Bulls hadn’t figured out a way to beat Boston or Detroit, but you knew that when they did, the Bulls would zoom past both.
Fast forward to today.
Phoenix is like the old Celtics. They have aging Hall of Fame guys (Nash, Shaq, Grant Hill) and on paper, they look great. They start four former all-NBA first teamers, and even though most are old, you just can’t count them out. Old guys (like Tony Kornheiser) are all picking the Suns because they remember what these individual guys are capable of.
San Antonio is like Detroit. They have stars in their prime (Duncan, Parker, Ginobli), and if they’re healthy….the smart money is on the Spurs. They’re simply the best team…period. But they’re also an injury away from being mortal, and they’re starting to suffer a lot of injuries.
The Lakers are like Chicago. They have the best player in the league, who is often unbelievable. And now, they’ve surrounded him with help. It’s too early to tell if they can figure out a way to beat the other, more established teams in a playoff setting. But it’s obvious that if and when they do, they’ll zoom past everybody.
Of course, if the West plays out this way, it’s great news for Lakers’ fans. If you go back and re-examine that period twenty years ago, the Bulls were the most dominant and had the most lasting success. Between ’87 and ’97, the Celtics made the finals once, Detroit twice, and Chicago five times (six if you count ‚9.
I don’t know if the Lakers are going to make a serious run at the title this year, but I do know that they’re better positioned than anybody over the next five years. Do you realize the ages of the current Lakers that actually get minutes? Check this out:
Kobe Bryant 29
Lamar Odom 28
Andrew Bynum 20
Pau Gasol 27
Derek Fisher 33
Jordan Farmar 21
Rony Turiaf 25
Trevor Ariza 22
Sasha Vujacic 23
Luke Walton 27
Vlad Radmanovic 27
In Phoenix, Nash is 34 and both Shaq and Grant Hill are 35. In San Antonio, Duncan is 31 and Ginobli is 30.
If the Lakers can figure out a way to catch the elite teams in the West this year, the sky is the limit. But even if they don’t, the future has never looked brighter.
Finally, I don’t bet on sports, and the NBA is hyper-sensitive about gambling in the wake of the Tim Donaghy scandal. But I always say that if you really want an unbiased perspective on which team is the one to beat, follow the money. The guys in Vegas never look at anything but dollars, so it’s always fun to at least see how they set the odds. I just checked www.linesmaker.com and for what it’s worth, the Lakers are now the favorites to win the NBA Championship at 2-1. The Celtics are 5-2; the Spurs 6-1 and Pistons 15-2. Suns are 7-1 for now. How crazy is that? As always, your comments are welcome at jaireland@cbs.com

Does Anyone Have A Picture Of What A Horse Race Betting Slip Looks Like?

I’m trying to work on an invitation to a party with a horse racing theme. We wanted to send out an invite that looks like a betting slip for the party. I’ve never seen one. What’s a horse racing bet look like?