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What Makes Some Betting Illegal?

I was looking at the paper today and it was talking about the Kentucky Derby horse race. The paper had the top 3 places. Above the places it says „In The Money” and that’s when I asked my mom „isn’t betting on horses illegal?” She told me that in some places betting is illegal and in some places it isn’t. So I was wondering, what makes some betting illegal?

What Makes You Think That Our Children Don’t Learn Social Skills In Homeschooling?

The people who say that our children dont learn the social skill that it takes to become a productive member of society doesnt even understand what goes on in our home or our schedule. Home school children for the most part are very busy. They have more opportunities then children who are stuck in a class room for 8 hours. Most home schooled children have weekly outings (field trips), dance, art class’s, music class, theater, sports, sleep over just like other children, I would bet more trips to the library, skating rinks, movies, lunch dates all the children meet at the same place for lunch, they meet children from all over our state. They aren’t stuck with whom ever is in their school..And they even have gym class..well most of them, Dont forget the ymca.Why do you people seem to think that we dont let our children out of the home? thats is just rediculous! We dont shelter our children we just give them a better education with more opportunities!!

Rrr Cultists Are Usa’s Worst Busybodies. What Makes ‚em Tick? Sheer Ignorance? Or Hatefulness? Or Both?

The Religious Radical Right (only 5% of Americans, but a very noisy (and noisome) five percent) is comprised of pseudo-Christians and deluded low-IQ Christians who were conned and organized into a political entity by Jerry Falwell and his ilk. They’ve wrecked the Republican Party, and their hateful and obnoxious agendas threaten the individual freedoms of tens of millions of Americans. They seek to FORCE millions of women (over time) to gestate UNwanted pregnancies to term against their will — a very real, 9-month-long form of rape. They oppose legal gambling whenever they can, and seek to censor the Internet, radio, TV, and the print media every chance they get. They are especially mindless toward GLBT folks, even though gays are just like everyone else with the sole exception being their choice of partners. (NO big deal.) The RRR wants to restrict their housing and work opportunities, and fights same-sex marriage, which is harmless? How can they be such bigots? No lives??

Were Do The Get A Bet Line On Sports Who Makes The Line ?

who makes the line?
the betters make the line. the bookies/off shore betting casinos/las vegas/etc… want to only get even money on each side. so they move the line as people bet. so if team A gets money on it. They move the line to make it more interesting for people to bet on team B.

What Makes Baseball The Most Enjoyable Sport?

I have to tell you I spend a great deal of my life watching, reading stats, injury reports, box scores, etc. I for some reason enjoy BaseBall more than any sport- and even in contest where you have to pick winners against Vegas odds etc, like on http://www.CrazyDaddy.net , I win at a higher rate. I have won Vacations, Trips, Money, Contests, you name it.
What in your opinion makes baseball a more enjoyable Sport to concentrate your betting efforts on?

Who Makes The Betting Odds For Sports Events?

Sportsbooks hire oddsmakers to determine the initial „fair” line (that will generate approximately equal action) with vig factored in. This number then changes depending on which side is generating more action. Odds improve on teams getting less action and worsen on teams getting more action. Again, this is done largely at the discretion of the oddsmakers, though they typically have computer systems to alert them of the current status and what should be done to the line.

Are We Dying As A Literary Nation.does Anyone Know Of A Bookmaker That Makes Books?

Odds on, I bet there’s one somewhere.