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Is Betting Against Stock Markets Move Legal?

Betting over a certain stock’s move between 2 individuals. For example I’ll bet $100 if XYZ goes down or up at the closing time or vs.

What Is The Difference Between Spread Betting On Financial Markets And Cfds?

CFDs are Contracts For Difference. In a nutshell, it is an agreement between you and your broker to settle the difference in your buy and sell prices instead of having to buy the stocks and then sell them (or to short the stocks and then having to buy them back.) It is a legal instrument which is frequently used as a convience tool to bet on the bear side in place of shorting a stock.
Spread Betting works almost the same way except that it is still very gray in many countries and is mostly conducted between you and your broker without any regulation from the local exchanges. It therefore cannot be technically known as a legal financial instrument.
If you ask me how does all that difference affect small retail investors? Frankly, it does not make much of a difference to small retail investors.http://www.mastersoequity.com

How Do I Estimate The Regression Equation That Determines Whether Betting Markets Are Efficient?

using the DP equation

Is Betting On The Financial Markets Illegal In The Us Like Online Casinos Or Sports Betting?

What do you think stock trading is all about? The world’s markets can’t survive without it.
What IS illegal is trading on the markets when you have „insider information” about pending mergers or downsizing, and you take advantage of this knowledge to either buy up a large amount of stock, or to sell it.
The same criteria applies to all markets, whether they are gold, or money, or pork bellies.