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How Far In Advance Can I Bet On Boxing Matches In Vegas?

and do most sportsbooks take bets on any boxing match that would warrant a mention in upcoming fights on say ESPN or Sports Illustrated? I’m looking to fly into Vegas once every 1.5-2 months and place several bets at once…thanks in advance

Do Diamond Sportsbook Offer Asian Handicap Betting For English Premier League Matches?

i was intending to sign up with them however need to check on what’s on offer. do diamond sportsbook (2betdsi) offer asian handicap aka point spread for epl matches?

Which On-line Bookmakers Are Best For Betting On Tennis? (the Biggest Offer Of Tennis Matches). Thank You.?

I always use William Hill because they are reliable and give fair odds. If you are looking for best odds available then try betfair. I can’t really comment on it though because I have never used it.

Why Dont Bookmakers Accept Bets On Who Will Win Wwe Matches?

Probably because the results are pre-determined and anyone on the „inside” would have an easy win on their bet.. it wouldn’t be fair.

Why Cant I Place Bets On Wrestling Matches?

I can bet on football, horse racing, tennis etc etc.
Why wont any bookmaker take bets on wrestling?

Can Some One Explain The Betting Odds In The Cricket Matches?

what do the numbers mean
please be informative and through
are there site that display betting odds for the IPL now?

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