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What Do „line” And „over/under” Mean On Betting Odds? How Are They Calculated?

For example, before today’s Celtics-Lakers game, the odds in the LA Times listed the Celtics as the favorite and the Lakers as the underdog, with a line of 2-1/2 and an over/under of 192. What does „2-1/2″ mean and what does the cipher of 192 signify? Is it total points scored or something?
By the way, I’m not a bettor, just curious. =)

Old School , Old Sport ! What Do They Mean?

I’ve heard these words many times like;
bet you’ll be there in time .. old sport !
what are these words?

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What Does A ‚moose’ Mean In Sports Betting?

Anyone know?

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What Does It Mean When A Betting Odd’s Second Number Is Higher Than The First I.e. 8/15?

I only get the whole 12 – 1 and 2 – 1 and all that but when its like 1-2 i just freak out.
What does it mean?!

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Having A Degree, Does Not Mean That You Have Common Sense?

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Can Someone Explain Betting Odds, What Does -550 Mean?

I know that means you a large favorite, but if I were to bet 2 dollars and win, how much would I get back?

How Does The Betting Work For Mlb Games? What Do The Numbers Mean, Like -150, +150 Etc.?

Its based on how much you would win on a hundred dollar bet.
So for example. If you bet on the Mets and they were +150. You would win 150$ for every 100$ you risk. And you use that same percentage for any amount. Meaning a 50$ bet would win you 75$ ect ect. A 10$ bet would win you 15$.
And lets say you bet on the yankees at -150. You would need to RISK 150$ to win 100$.
The + team is the underdog, and the – team is the favored team.

What Does Cover The Spread Mean In Betting? Explain To Me In Terms Of What The Plus And Minus Signs Mean…?

For ex. If i choose the Bears to beat the rams and i click onthe -7.5 what does it mean?
Or if i choose the eagles to beat the ravens what does the +1.5 mean?

What Does Each Way Mean In The Context Of Betting?

Have just always wondered what it meant and what it does.

How Do You Convert Odds To Percentages.for Example What Do These Betting Odds Mean In Percentage 15/1?

Odds of 15 to 1 mean that someone has decided that the given event has a chance (probability) of 1 in 16 of occurring.
(i.e. 15 chances against it and only 1 for it happening).
1 in 16 is a percentage chance of 100/16 or 6.6667 per cent.
You convert it by expressing the given odds as a fraction, then change it to a decimal and then to a percentage.