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Michigan And Notre Dame? Is This The Loser Bowl We Are Talking About?

I just read the headline where Loyd Carr is saying that „if losing doesn’t hurt then you shouldn’t be at Michigan.” Gee thats funny because if my memory serves me right they are on a 4 game losing streak! So thats Michigan football huh? You have a stadium that seats over 100,000 fans and you get beat by a division formerly known as the Division 1-AA team then you get annihilated by an un-ranked Oregon team? I guess we all know now why Florida got the nod to play for the National Championship last year, and well you got sent straight to a USC *** whoopin’! People actually voted you guys pre-season number 5? I bet all the poll voters feel stupid now.
Then you all have this Mike Hart guy; „I guarantee we’ll win next week!” Umm who the hell do you think you are, Joe Namath? Dude, a high school team could beat NOTRankEd Dame
Yeah Michigan hasn’t won a game since Bo Schembechler passed away so says the sports writers; well spare us „the curse of the Bambino” plagiarism.

Do I Have A Chance At Michigan State University?

im a senior this year. i have a 2.9 gpa, 18 act (i am retaking.. i didnt study before.. i bet i can get it up to maybe a 20). 3 years of varsity sports (track and field). 2 years JV rugby. a year of jv baseball. freshman basketball. Eagle Scout. a citizen ship award from my school. 2 academic awards in science and preforming arts, and have taken mandarin for 6 years.

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Do You Like The Michigan Student Body?

I am an alumni of there. While the rest of Michigan’s non-student/non-alumni fans might be howling, I bet the student body largely could care less. People there don’t really wear Michigan apparel around, and if they do, it’s usually because they’re athletes or students who don’t have as much money. It’s a weird place, and I got the impression no one really cared about the sports from my classmates. A few of my friends liked sports, but for the most part, I pretty much watched the games but never enjoyed them like I would watching Tigers, Lions or Pistons games in Detroit, where the fans genuinely get into the action, would make conversation, argue, so on and so forth.
For that reason, I’m sort of happy Michigan lost. All of UM is soul less, right down to the student body and the mercenaries they recruit for the football team. The fans are so cocky and snotty, they don’t deserve a football team they don’t appreciate.

It Is Legal To Bet On Sports In Michigan?

I don’t think it is, no – only casino gambling or small scale pools and wagers.
You can read the full Michigan gambling statue here:http://www.gambling-law-us.com/State-Law?