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In The Movie James Bond: Casino Royale, What Are Those Red And Blue Rectangle Bricks They Use For Betting?

In the movie they are worth like 500,000.00 and 1mil. They are used in the final poker scene. They are plastic. Help me out

Do Huge Betting Odds Like In The Movie Dodgeball Really Exist?

Remember when Average Joe’s gym is going 50 to 1 and Vince puts the 50 gs on the game. Is that really possible or is it all again just in the movies? Lol. Good question, huh. Thanks for your answers people.

Does Anyone Know The Name Of This Movie?

there was a girl (teenager) who was gambling on the internet and then she started hanging out with another boy and they went gambling in a club or something and they lost all their money and the boy left her and she had to pay back the money. so she went to the ppl tht she owed and they told her the had to shoot a „video” with her so they can let her go…

Does Anyone Remember A Sports Betting Movie That Came Out This Year Or Last Year?

„Two for the Money,” with Matthew McConaughey, Al Pacino, and Rene Russo.

A Movie About College Students Who Run Sports Betting Out Of Their Dorms?

There are 3 guys who run this betting operation and one guy dates a girl named Hunter. It is a recent movie can anyone tell me the name of it?