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How Much Did You Win After Betting On The Grand National?

Naff all as usual. But I did win the 2006 Yahoo! Answers Spot The Hypocrite competition!

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Is The Bmw 8 Series Too Much To Handle As A First Car??

I am obsessed with this car as of recently with it’s timeless styling in my opinion, offering luxury, as well as pure power to back it up.
Plus, I always would love to have a car not too many people have, that would make people’s heads turn, or at least say to themselves that they haven’t seen a BMW like that.
And with the fact that a used model goes for around $20k, this makes my dream all the more attainable.
However, is this car even practical to get in this day and age? The way I see it, most used models exceed 100k miles and I heard many of them are maintenance nightmares, unless they are perfectly maintained. I can’t even imagine the insurance costs of a sports car such as this for a 17 year old as myself.
So really, is this too much of a car for me, with the power provided, and the costs of insurance and repairs?
Would the 840ci be a better bet to get, since it’s a bit weaker? I also heard the engine on this model is more reliable as well.

Where Can I Buy A Betting Odds Book, To Work Out How Much You’ve Won?

Im looking for a betting odds book for a xmas present for my dad. He used to have one of these little books from the jack brown bookies to work out how much he could win etc. I know you can use the iternet etc to work out the odds but he used to love this little book. Do you know anywhere I can get one?
Thanks in advance

How Much Money Would I Need To Set Up A Betting Shop??

This is a regulated industry to exactly protect punters from people like you. The short answer is „enough” to cover the bets and enough to the regulator to cover your defaults in case you take on more than you can chew. An agency is a different position altogether – you take bets on behalf of someone else. You are only collecting a commission. With electronic betting micro payments can be transacted. However refer to the recent US case about offshore betting. I would not recomment taking this path. There are a lot of moral issues at work. Do something more constructive. It is good for the soul and you will be more proud of yourself in the long run!

Can Betting Websites Freeze Your Account If You’re Winning Too Much?

does it happen?

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How Much Money Did You Lose Betting Against Kansas And Have You Learned Your Lesson!?

Never EVER doubt Kansas basketball!!!! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!!!

How Much Money Did You Lose Betting Against Kansas And Have You Learned Your Lesson!?

Never EVER doubt Kansas basketball!!!! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!!!

Me And My Sister Don’t Talk Much. And We’re Going To Be Stuck For A While…?

so my family is going to las vegas tomorrow. while the adults go and gamble, me and my sister are gonna be stuck in the hotel room. i don’t have a phone anymore so i won’t be able to call my friends. and i won’t have any internet connection either. so i’m pretty much stuck with my sister. she doesn’t talk to me unless she’s forced to. i really don’t know how we ended up not speaking to each other.
so i really don’t know what to do when we’re stuck in the hotel together. i know that my choices are either doing things that i can do on my own without bothering my sister, or i could do things with my sister and maybe fix our problem about not talking.
what’s there to do?

Isn’t The Federal Reserve As Much To Blame For The Financial Crises As Wall Street?

For instance wasn’t Turbo Timmy Geithner (current Treasury Secretary) the head of the NY Federal Reserve while all these „risky” investments were taking place??http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/12/12?
While applauding House passage Friday of overhaul legislation and urging quick Senate action, Obama expressed frustration with banks that were helped by a taxpayer bailout and now are „fighting tooth and nail with their lobbyists” against new government controls.
In his weekly radio and Internet address Saturday, Obama said the economy is only now beginning to recover from the „irresponsibility” of Wall Street institutions that „gambled on risky loans and complex financial products” in pursuit of short-term profits and big bonuses with little regard for long-term consequences……………The president also told CBS’ „60 Minutes” that „the people on Wall Street still don’t get it. … They’re still puzzled why it is that people are mad at the banks. Well, let’s see. You guys are drawing down $10, $20 million bonuses after America went through the worst economic year … in decades and you guys caused the problem,” Obama said in an excerpt released in advance of Sunday night’s broadcast of his interview.

How Much Money Did You Win Betting In The Superbowl?

lol i bet with 50 friends and got $$$1000