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Which Cricket Nation Has Team Has Most Indulged In Off Field Betting Scandels?

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What Sports „nation” Do U Think Has More Power/movement?

con-its baseball
pro-beat the eastern conference again and got more fans(some how)
back in the day (as the story goes) steel workers lost there jobs back in Pittsburgh and moved all across the U.S. which helped get more fans(NOT SUPERBOWLS)
pro-pulled another superbowl out of their a$$ which will lead to SIX SUPERBOWLS (EXCEPT FOR 2006 SUPERBOWL THEY WERE THE BEST THAT YEAR).
con-mostly consits of fans in america which is hard to call it a NATION(BUT DO HAVE FANS IN OTHER COUNTRYS)
raiders moved up and down california(which has a population of 3 million people,800 and something thousand)
pro-got 3 superbowl and arguably could of went to 4 more superbowls a total of 7 superbowls
con-AL DAVIS/raiders suck
raiders have a Filipino fans,highest # of latino fans (los angeles duh)african americans(oakland), euopeans,chinese fans,and south american.
please commit i have a bet with my brother that the raiders have the most powerful NATION.