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How Much Did You Win After Betting On The Grand National?

Naff all as usual. But I did win the 2006 Yahoo! Answers Spot The Hypocrite competition!

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Why Do You Think That American National Sports Radio, Espn And Fox, Is Full Of Hockey Haters ?

The overnight guy Andrew is hard to take serious so I never listen to him anyways, but while I was waiting for the score updates he said he couldn’t respect a sport where the players wear ice skates. Is this kind of ignorance a badge of honor?
Rest of lineup don’t even try to learn about the sport. They fall back on old tired cliches of the sport.
Never mind the fact in markets that where always big Hockey has gotten greater ratings and attendance then the basketball team. Not to mention there are Hockey markets where people wouldn’t watch an NBA game if it was in their drive way.
Colin Cowherd on ESPN is another rabid Hockey Hater who thinks ESPN dropped the sport, because it is a dead sport. So that begs the question is Bowling taking the nation by storm or that ESPN made Arena Football so popular it had to shut down for the year or go into bankruptcy.
Lastly Mike Tirico and Scott Van Pelt have decided to just ignore the sport. Scott Van Pelt seems to think he’s too cool for school to be talking hockey. I bet if the New York Rangers where in the Stanley CUP he would be trying to jump on the band wagon. Because that’s all those ESPN guys seem to talk about 1994 and when Wayne Gretzky.

Who Would Best Organize A Nationwide Bake-sale To Pay Down The National Debt? Michelle Or Palin?

Michelle: prior experience in organizing events (for pay). vs Palin: Hockey Mom w/ 5 kids & a political career. My bet is on Palin. She can juggle family, sports schedules, career, and keep her man happy too can sure run one mega bake sale. and help reduce our national debt.

Disgraceful Squander On Grand National?

We’re watching world leaders trying to straighten out an awfully broken path of mass job losses rogue bankers economic catastrophe recession depression etc.
The UK are whingeing about crisis more than anyone else and yet a load of cheesy dressed up once a year gluttons literally throw unbelievable amounts of money which could feed and help poorer people straight at lowlife self centred bookmakers who will wallow on Spanish and Carribean beaches with it.
Disgraceful Britain ?

Did Guss Hiddink Sing The Dutch National Anthem At The Netherlands V Russia Euro 2008 Quarter Final 21/jun/08?

The reason for this question is that an Irish bookmaker gave odds of 4/1 that Huddink would sing the Dutch anthem. I wagered that he would. I need proof preferably, such as a video download of the TV footage showing the anthems being played, supporters videos etc.
The bookmaker is talking of voiding the bet as they claim they have no video of Mr. Huddink during the anthems, but I have a quite a few euros on this and I won’t give up until I have proof either way!
The bookmaker opened a book on this in the interests of fun so please don’t get too worried about why does it matter if he sang his national anthem….. I just want to take money off the bookie!

Is National Bingo Night Illegal?

i ask this because of the internet gambling bill, and any other state state law that prohibits gaming. Gaming is up to the states to inforce. Even if the network gets by with this, the internet gaming bill makes online game betting illeagal on a national level so i would assume that we should make all national level betting illegal. and to buy a bingo card is a bet. this would allow leaving betting and gaming up to the states. now iam a poker player, but i do belive in laws. and it outrages me that little kids can think its good to gamble. gambling takes years of learning to be consistent. so do you guys and gals think national bingo night is legal?

What Were The National Lottery (lotto) Numbers For 16th July 2008?

I only have work internet as I am in the process of moving home but sadly all gambling sites are blocked.
Does anyone please have the winning numbers from saturday the 19th July 2008?
Thanks :)

Do You Think That All Gambling Is A Con Like The National Lottery ?

I know that in the bookmakers they bring in a lot of consecutive numbers. They do this to plant a sergestive seed in your mind, to get you to try again using numerical sequences. I have noticed they are adopting the same tactics in te national lottery. Every week i see consecutive numbers like 20 21 22 23

Choose your horses early

You may be thinking, „hang on a minute, the jump season hasn’t even finished and the Welsh National is the start of the jump season at Christmas” but, if you were to study that little bit further one would note that the best prices on all horses are available now and not at the beginning of December. Obviously one would rather wait and study form of certain horses but those in the know, will realise that certain horses are of such class that the form book just flys out the window.

There is a risk, of course there is, you could place money on a horse and it will not run when the time comes but you can be assured that by betting now you could get a price of 40-1 instead of waiting for the prices to deteriorate down to something unsubstantial like 7-2.

For facts and information of those horses that will probably be running, one should look no further than Grand National Betting where you will not only find information on past winners and personal memories and stories, but also exclusive offers such as free bets or even specific Welsh National bookmakers that can offer great prices well before the actual events.

With som many great horses that are likely to be on show, and many of those that will possibly have taken part not only in possible Irish and Scottish Nationals but also the Grand National too! So get on the bandwagon early to cath the good deals that are currently available, you will only regret it if you do not.

Do The Big 3 Bookmakers Operate A Cartel On Grand National Day?

Have you noticed there’s very little difference between their prices but most obvious of all is the fact that they’re only paying out on the first 4 places when most of the other bookmakers are paying out on the first 5 home?
It’s a bloomin disgrace!!