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Is This A Sign Of A Business Going Tubby-bye-byes In The Near Future?

The usually reclusive owner of Sports Direct has stirred up both controversy and publicity in the City by branding certain investors ?a bunch of cry babies? and declaring that shares in Sports Direct are ?not for the fainthearted?. Due to ?exceptionally difficult” trading conditions in the wet weather, the company issued a profit warning but controversially refused to release like-for-like trading figures and consequently shares plummeted 25% in one day. Speaking to the press, Mr Ashley said: ?I am building a long-term business. I can?t spend all my time worrying if the share price goes up and down. It may drop to 80p, but over three years I am betting it will be nearer 800p. I have built the company over 25 years and I am planning the next 25 years. But all anyone wants to talk to me about is what happened in June”.
Am I alone in thinking this means big trouble?

Repo Auction For Sports Bikes Near Boca Raton, Fl?

i wanted to buy a used motorcycle and seeing how everyone is loosing their houses cars and bike to banks, i bet the market is flooded with these repo sports bikes and no one really has money to buy em. is it jsut me or doe sthat equal to a good bargain? i jsut dont know where to find an auction

Will The Us Lift The Ban On Internet Gambling In The Near Future?

No way. This is all politically driven. It started with a couple big casino’s in Las Vegas. Most of these casinos’ owners are also invested in indian casino’s around the country. They want you at the casinos, not at home spending your money with overseas casino sites. The politicians always get a little extra kickback when they do favors like this. I play Texas Hold’em online and i’m down to 3 sites, lol. I’m sure my days are numbered.