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Why Do So Many Say Barry Bonds Did Steroids When He Was Never Charged?

I don’t know if he did steroids. But I’m almost pretty sure he did human growth hormones. I say this because did you see how much he bulked up from 1997 – 1998. A swelled up head being a good sign of growth hormones. But those aren’t even illegal and I bet a lot of atheletes do it. Why isn’t MLB and other professional sport organizations making human growth hormones illegal. Is it because there is no sure way to test for it right now?

I Am A West Ham Fan, Why Is That The People With The Biggest Mouths Are Arm Chairs Never Been To A Game Fans?

Loads of people claim they support Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Man Utd. I bet they have never bought a seson ticket been to away matches even know the history of the club. All they do is turn on Sky sports on a Sat. These people are sad! Cause you look out for there result know and again does not make you a fan, so please armchair fans keep your opions to your self cause you have no right to slag off other teams until you been to whatch your clubs season after season.

Have You Ever Purchased An Album Based Solely On A Review You Read, Having Never Heard The Music?

This would probably be next to impossible to do in the internet era, since one can dial up any musical artists website, Myspace, etc., and listen to their music for free, but…
Around 1993, I read numerous reviews praising PJ Harvey’s ‚Rid of Me’ album, calling it one of the best records of the year. I read so many reviews of that nature, I gambled and bought it, and really liked it.
Anyone else?

Since Barry Bonds Has Never Tested Positive For Steroid Use, Should We Believe His Ex-girlfriend Claims?

Other than the fact that anabolic steroids are illegal, is there any reason why athletes shouldnt use steroids to enhance performance. I liken the use of steroids to cosmetic surgery that models, actresses, dancers and beauty pagent contestants have done. While cosmetic surgery is not illegal, it does possibly give the person getting it done to have a leg up on the competetion. Both have health risks. Smoking and alcohol have health risks as well and they are legal. Does the use of steroids have more to do with the fact that people bet on sports and its all about money? I realize that Bonds is not a favorite of most, but that aside, please make answers well thought out.

What Sportsbook Offers -110 Juice On Their Sports And Never Move The Juice Up Or Down. (they Stay At -110)?

I am looking for a sportsbook or bookmaker who has an online website, whatever, that offers -110 on all sports and never moves their juice around. in other words say SEATLLE/GOLDEN STATE has an o/u at 199.5 i want to see over 199.5 @ -110 and under 199.5 @ -110. better example in hockey. PHOENIX/PITTSBURGH has an o/u at 5.5 i want to see over 5.5 @ -110 and under 5.5 @ -100. other sportsbook might have over 5.5 @ +120 and UND @ -140.
i’m just looking for somewhere that dont move their vig.
I am trying to scalp. Make money on a game no matter which team wins! I know its possible to scalp games!

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I’ve Never Tried Online Gambling. Where Do I Get More Info About How To Play At Internet Casino Sites?

Is there a guide for first-timers?