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Where Can I Find An Openerp Module For Running An Office Betting Pool And Poker Tournament?

Urban Outfitters has them in the following available screen colors:
Emo Black
I’m Bohemian Purple
Earth Green
Posy Poser Garden.
Good luck in your search.

Im Betting Today, Khan Vs Prescott On Sky Box Office Uk?

Who will win and in what round or on points , i need to know when the win will come for either fighter?

Anyone Know Of A Website That Can Keep Track Of Betting/ Office Pool?

We would like to find a wbsite that can organize and keep track of an office pool we are going to have for American Idol. This would be a type of website that each of us would be able to go to each week and enter who we think the bottom three contestants are. We are thinking there might be a website like this used for sports betting, etc. Thanks!

Wot Would I Put Down For A Job Description On My Cv For Working In A Bookmakers Office?

i used to work in a bookmakers office and am now doing my cv and am not sure wot i wud put down for job description or my duties if you could help it wud be great

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