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Do You Think Its Worth Betting On Murray For The Aussie Open?

im thinking of putting 100 AUD on murray to win the entire australian open.
the odds are currentyl 4-1 so if he winns i get 400 bucks.
if i dont i loose and commit suicide

What Were Serena’s Odds Of Winning The Aussie Open?

What were the odds, sports betting wise.

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If Some Site On Internet Give Me 1 Mollion Us $ Just Because I Am The 9999th Person To Open Her Relaventsite?

a site which give price on gambling have promised to pay 1 million US $ because am the 9999th person to open her site and know he is asking to claim for money but for that he want my credit card number and 14.99$ per month to gamble on her site should i trust him

Whenever I Open Internet Explorer I Get Popups?

most ofthem got to with amercan gambling sites, how do stop them

Can You Use A Debit Card To Open A Online Betting Account ?

i am getting a natwest adapt account with a debit card and was just wondering if you could open a online betting account ?

What Laws Do I Need To Know Before I Open Up A Gaming Site?

I’m thinking of starting my own online sports betting site..
What rules, laws and regulations must I know first?? I live in California.

On Eurosport News It Just Said The Maria Sharapova Has Withdrawn From The U.s Open

but she is still the favourite with most bookmakers. If I back lets say Serena Williams at 9/2 now will I get that price or will there be some sort of rule 4 deduction.

In What Year Did Bookmakers First Open On A Sunday?

1995 : From January 1st it became legal to open betting shops on a Sunday.

Why Are Betting Shops Called Bookmakers. When Did The First Betting Shop Open.?

Legally, in UK, 1961, although I used to go in one before that time. However you were always at risk of being raided by the police. They are called bookmakers because they „make a book”, which is merely a list of bets taken on each horse or other possible outcome of an event. The idea is to fix odds so that each possible outcome of an event will be attractive to some punters in sufficient proportion so as to eliminate the risk to the odds layer. Typically for every ?105 to say ?145 taken he would pay out ?100 – in theory. On the 2008 Grand National the figure was ?144. The same risk aversion strategy is practised by investors on stock markets.

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Can You Open An Online Betting Or Gambling Site In The Us And Have It Be Legal?

Online betting sites I found were all „offshore” in places such as Malta. Why? Could you open one in the US?