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Ur Opinion On Booting My Gramms To The Curb.?

My 72 yr old grandmother has recently had to move in with me. It’s been about 2 months now. Last week i told her that i thought the best thing she could do was move in with my mom. See, she has a gambling problem and got evicted from the apartment she was living in, me having the only extra space for her, got stuck with her. She has 3 living kids who in my opinion should be tending to her. She was only paying me 75 dollars a month for rent, food, electric, gas, cable, internet…ect..She is on social security and gets a set amount every month, 1065.00 is the total..what set me off and the reason i booted her out was because she told me that she coulndt pay the 75 this time cause she had over drawn herself 400.00 dollars in the bank. now my mom is pissed at me cause i made her move out and go to her house. Whats ur opinion? did i do the right thing?

What Is The Best Sport In Your Personal Opinion?

I want to know what is Yahoo’s favorite sport. Mine… I bet you can guess. Please don’t choose soccer though just because it’s my user name. That won’t get you „best answer”. I want a truthful answer this is for a project.

What Is Your Opinion About The Illegal Businesses In The Philippines. How Can We Get Rid Of It? ?

In the Philippines we have all kinds of Illegal Businesses. You name it we have it. Such Illegal gambling or number betting through internet,logging,fishing, recruiting for jobs (OFW’s),smuggling, land grabbings and etc.

What’s Your Opinion On This New Gambling Law?

Do you feel your rights are been violated?? I mean why Bush feels he has the authority to prohibit me to play a buck or two on an slot machine over the internet on a boring night??!!!!
I’m not a gambler, I enjoy to play once a month on online casinos when my daughter stays at her father’s house….but I guess Bush is not allowing me to do so anymore….
It’s not just online gambling the government is trying to regulate over the worldwide web…..now they are going after internet dating services.
At this pace, he will criminalize unprotected sex or eating habits….why not? Airlines now charge a double ticket to over weighted people, maybe there should be laws about that as well….imagine how much money is being spent because of AIDS, STDS or obesity….
I would like to hear your thoughts about this Online Gambling Law and if you feel something can be done….

Why Do The Bookmakers Favour A Coalition Win At The Next Election While The Opinion Polls Favour Labor?

Polls are not real especially those funded by interested groups.