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Overall, What Is The Best Brand, Year, Sport That I Should Look For When Buying Cases Of Sports Cards?

I could research this by looking for odds for special cards for all kinds of boxes then compare what those cards sell for, mainly on ebay but someone probably knows. The casino was a big problem I had and I’ve not went for over a year but now I’m saving lots of money but want to „invest” what isn’t being saved in a fun hobby and collecting sports cards is what I did for a long time as a young man, early teens and before. So I’ve went on ebay, bought some packs, didn’t get much to be excited about and I’m just wondering if I’m going to spend a couple of hundred dollars on boxes/cases of cards every month or so, what would be my safest bet to get a great card (thousand dollars, two hundred dollars, anything substantial). I’ve decided that it’s more fun buying new cards than old because anything old that could be good is usually expensive. If you’re a dealer, reply with your info, maybe we can work out a deal since I’ll be buying often, on shipping/pricing. Thanks a lot.