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What Do „line” And „over/under” Mean On Betting Odds? How Are They Calculated?

For example, before today’s Celtics-Lakers game, the odds in the LA Times listed the Celtics as the favorite and the Lakers as the underdog, with a line of 2-1/2 and an over/under of 192. What does „2-1/2″ mean and what does the cipher of 192 signify? Is it total points scored or something?
By the way, I’m not a bettor, just curious. =)

In Sports, Especially Baseball, Why Does Everyone Calculate „games Over/under .500″ Incorrectly?

The San Francisco Giants are 25-35 today. How many games under .500 is that?
If you said 10, you should get a math tutor. If you said 5, hooray! You are in a VERY small minority of people who calculate it correctly.
I can’t even recall the last time I heard someone in the media calculate a team’s over/under .500 stat correctly.
For example, if a team has played 10 games and lost every single one, they’re 0-10. Every single sports broadcaster, commentator, writer, writer’s dog, writer’s dog’s uncle, etc, refers to such a team as being 10 games under .500.
That is completely, utterly, flat-out WRONG!!
After 10 games, a .500 team would be 5-5. The difference between 0-10 and 5-5 is… what’d’ya know, FIVE games! So an 0-10 team is five games under .500.
This is not rocket surgery. So why does EVERYONE get it wrong?
(I bet I’ll get some answers that insist 0-10 is indeed 10 games under .500. To those answerers I say, give your elementary school math teacher a call.)

Why Do Sportsbooks Often Take More Than The Standard Juice Of 5 To 10% When Betting The Over/under?

it seems 2/3 of the time they take 15-20%. I understand it is even or +5% on some over/under bets but it doesn’t equal out to be the standard against the spread bet juice of 5-10% in the end. I thought the over/under number was set so as to „even” out the odds so the standard juice is all that is taken, but they take more.

When Placing Sporting Bets, How Do Odds Makers Determine The Over-under Point Total, For Each Team?

Is there a formula?
Does anyone have their own formula, their willing to share?
Is it just (PF + OPF + PA + OPA) /(GP+OGP)?
[where PF is Points For, OPF is Opponents Points For, PA is Points Against, …. GP is Games Played]
This has been driving me insane for a long time… Please help this mind boggling puzzle of mine.

How Does Betting The Over/under In Baseball Pay Out?

How should I bet it, do you have to pick a team to get the pay right or can you just pick O or U. I would really like to get into Baseball, I’m getting tired of Basketball.

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Can Anyone Explain In Good Detail How The Over/under Works In Sports Betting?

Betting wise, the total is posted by the oddsmakers just the same as the point sprerad is. Earlier repsondents have explained the details. However, as with any point spread bet, the total can change as the week progresses. If it falls exactly on the number, it is a tie and all bets are off.

What Does The Over/under Mean In Betting On Sports?

The typical number in the line is the point spread and I understand that but what is the Over Under and how does it work?

What Bookmakers Offer Over/under 1.5 European Football Odds And Accept American Residents ?

Try with the bookmakers listed here http://www.gamblingsafe.net/usa-friendly?
All of them are USA welcome and are class. I suggest you Bodog, I think they offer 1.5 over under