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What Do You Think About This Someone At My School Was Passing Around A Betting Sheet In One Of My Classes And ?

was taking $1.00 from who ever wrote their name and guessed how long it would be until Obama was no longer President
I did not sign it but is this illegal & wtf is this country becoming when things like this go on.

What Are The Chances Of The Internet Gambling Bill Passing In The U.s. Senate?

I would recommend checking out the 2+2 Forums (best poker/gambling forums on the internet – and no – they’re not paying me to say that)…..you’ll see on the left side of the page all the different forums they have – one of them is called „Legislation” – and you’ll find a TREMENDOUS amount on the subjects. http://www.twoplustwo.com/

What’s The Point Of Passing An Internet Gambling Bill When Most Funds Are Xfered Through Intermediaries?

Now they have a reason to get a papertrail on your bank accounts.