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Best Place In Vegas To Watch Football?

I’m going to Vegas for the opening weekend of NFL, woo hoo! So excited :) Anyway i suppose we’ll watch the games at ESPN Zone (at NY NY), but are there better sports bars for NFL in Vegas?
And, as a bonus Q, what’s the deal with the preoccupation with horse racing in sports bars in Vegas? I know it’s the betting, but you can bet on any sport. Are they just old geezers? Wouldn’t you rather see Vikings v. Packers than some crappy horse race?

I Live In Lv, Nv. Can I Place A Bet On A Sport Event For A Friend That Lives Out Of State?

Probably not, but I don’t think it really matters unless you are betting tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars and running an illegal gambling operation. You should find out how much you can win before it gets reported to the IRS, because you wouldn’t want the winnings to get reported under your name where you would have to pay taxes on it. I know that on slot machines and video poker if you win $1200 or more on one spin/bet it gets reported, but I don’t know the rules for sports betting.

What’s The Best Place For Blackjack Betting On The Internet?

Personally, my favorite place to for blackjack betting is Fortune Room Casino, but there are many great places for blackjack betting online. I recommend that you check out the casino bonus list at http://answerspot.blogspot.com/2006/06/c? There are plenty of excellent blackjack betting sites there and many are offering fantastic incentives for new players.

Is There A Place Where I Can Host A Religous Site For Free, With No Ads? (hopefully With Unlimited Storage)?

is there any organization that donates domain names to churches and ministries? would need multiple domains, the more the better. the purpose of the sites would be to spread the word of God, first, and secondly to combat evil on the internet.
(‚evil on the internet?’… think of pornography, phishing scams, identity theft, spyware, gambling, music theft, etc etc etc)

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Does Anyone Know How And Who I A Place Bets With?

im new to sports betting, i have no idea who i contact about placing bets

Where In Las Vegas, Nv, Usa Is The Best Place To Watch The Champion’s League Final?

Closest to Mandalay Bay part of Vegas. KO is 11:45AM PST. Broadcast on ESPN2. Looking for great viewing and sports atmosphere, not betting options etc.

How Do You Find A Bookie To Place Bets With On Sporting Events?

And once you’ve found one, what steps should you take to make sure that the bookie is honest and won’t cheat you out of your money?

Do You Know A Place Were You Can Bet Money On Sports Events?


If I Was To Place A Wager…..?

…with a major high street bookmaker that I will prove within 7 days that God exists and he accepts, then a week later I go to collect my winnings with the ‚proof’ being such statements like, it says so in the bible or he is everywhere you just need to look etc, it would be fair to say the bookmaker would refuse to pay on the grounds the evidence is insubstantial.
So, if I then take him to court for non payment, wouldn’t it also be reasonable to say the court would support the bookmaker on the basis I had no tangible evidence supporting my claim.
My guess is a court of law would say there is no evidence of a God so far.
What do you think ?

What Type Of Bets Can I Place For The Pacquiaio Vs De La Hoya Fight In Vegas? Will Any Sports Book Take A Bet?

I’ve never placed a bet no any type of sports before in Vegas. I’ve seen the sports books at the hotels and always wondered how to place bets. I know that different sports have different types of bets.
What type of bets can I place with boxing matches? Also, what’s the latest I can place a bet? And what are the pay-offs? I’m thinking keeping it simple and placing a straight win-loss bet. Also where can I check odds?
I’m flying in to Vegas at 5PM on Saturday. I assume the actual main event fight doesn’t start until 8:30-9PM What’s the latest I can place a bet and where can I find odds/payoffs?