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Should I Play Poker Online For Real Money?

Okay…im only asking this because I made over 3 million on a free internet website…i really wish it was real. I’m realy good but i’ve been grown up in a household of no gambling…

Are The Money Involved In Betting In The World Poker Tour Really Theirs?

I’m wondering, they’re competing for a million dollar prize while the pot size is bigger. Are the money theirs?

Poker Players Do You Get Bored Playing For A Living?

I was just wondering not complaining I know I am blessed to be able to do what I do and also bet sports but was just wondering because I know some people love the game and some people just do it for a paycheck

Internet Poker Question 2?

I am a canadian citizen but i live in Taiwan. How can I play online poker for real funds here in taiwan. I hear its illegal but i what to gamble online!

Where Can I Play Poker Online Without Betting Actual Money?

or where can i download just texas hold’em so i can just play without having to bet actual money… just for practice you know?

What Are Some Good Poker Site With A Few Advance Player.?

Hi, I been playing poker at alot of site now, I am a beginner. Is there any good poker site with few advance player? In addition to that are there any poker site that allow me to bet on sports also?

Why Did Republicans Ban Internet Poker In America In 2006?

That’s pretty much the only reason I absolutely REFUSE to EVER vote for ANY Republican. In 2006, an effort led by GOP Senator Bill Frist and GOP Congressmen Jim Leach and Bob Goodlatte ended up basically banning internet poker for profit within the United States.
It’s a bit more complicated than that – I still play poker for money online from the US – but it is in a bizarre legal grey zone created by this disastrous GOP-sponsored bill.
To make matters worse, the Bush administration released a statement WELCOMING the legislation! Bush should have DENOUNCED it and refused to sign the port security bill to which it was attached.
The GOP still hasn’t explained why they went on jihad against online poker, nor have they apologized – thus, I still can’t support them no matter how much I hate 0bama.
Do any Republicans here have explanations/apologies? I still haven’t gotten a straight answer. It obviously wasn’t banned for moral reasons, since things like horse race gambling were specifically PROTECTED by the SAME LEGISLATION!

How Can U.s. Players Play Online Poker For Money If Its Illegal In The U.s.?

if internet gambling (i.e online poker) is illegal in the u.s. as of 2006 how are companies like bodog.com and others able to accept and process payment from u.s. players?
i’ve looked and found no clear and concise answers on the web, can anyone help me with a clear answer to this question? id like to know before i start doing it myself.

Anyone Know Of Any Poker Rooms In Philly? How Bout Bookmakers?

go online

What Is The Tax Liability Of Income Generated Through Online Poker ?

I’ve been making some money from playing on the internet, on a site based in Madagascar or somewhere. They’ve sent me a ?sterling cheque of my winnings – what is the tax status ? Is it winnings from gambling – does it have to be declared ?