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Poll Do You Think Pete Rose Should Be In The Hall Of Fame?

I do he should be in the Hall of Fame for what he did on the field they have criminals playing sports and Pete Rose bet on baseball which was wrong but he did not hurt anyone and should be in the Hall of Fame

Hello Football Fans, A Quick Poll: What Are Your Favorite Betting Sites (bet365, Bwin, Etc.) And Why?

Also do you know of any sites that have fantasy games (either free or not) that you can play competitively for prizes/cash?

Poll: Do Guys Take Sports Too Seriously???

i love sports, MLB, NFL, NBA, but to me it is entertainment and recreation. i know a lot of guys who get really ticked off when their team loses.
i am like, if my team wins, great, if not, oh freaking well!
i heard a stat one time that said the rate of spousal abuse goes up the week of the Super Bowl, so guys get so bent their team lost that they beat their wife! are you crazy?!
that is insane! not that their ever is a good time to do that but please!!!!
unless you are dumb enough to bet the mortgage on these games your life really does not change.
i am a Cleveland Browns fan and one thing i noticed is when they were gone my life did not change at all ( now i wish they had never come back. lol)
some women do take it seriously as well but the vast majority of the real sports fanatics are guys, why??

Poll: Did You Know That There Are No Clocks In Las Vegas Gambling Casinos?

im getting crazy facts from the internet

Why Are All Racecourse Bookmakers Deaf? (poll)?

HA HA. They are not all deaf silly. It’s their way of communicating across the racecourse so they don’t get HOARSE.(shouting)

Poll -best Irish Bookmaker – Paddy Power Or Boyle Sports……?

for a quicker payouts….