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Are Bookmakers Odds A Better Guide To Who Is Likely To Win In 08, Than The Polls?

Hillary Clinton 1/2
Rudolph Giuliani 9/2
Barack Obama 7/1
Mitt Romney 10/1

Why Do The Bookmakers Favour A Coalition Win At The Next Election While The Opinion Polls Favour Labor?

Polls are not real especially those funded by interested groups.

Has Anyone Ever Been So Ahead In The Polls At Obama?

He is said to have 360 electoral votes with 261 rock solid.
That means worst case he needs 9 to win.
McCain has a rock solid 160 which means he needs 110 to win.
It is not like Kerry and Bush this is way different.
Bookmakers are so sure that Obama is going to win that they are already paying out on the bets that people have made.