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Where Can I Find An Openerp Module For Running An Office Betting Pool And Poker Tournament?

Urban Outfitters has them in the following available screen colors:
Emo Black
I’m Bohemian Purple
Earth Green
Posy Poser Garden.
Good luck in your search.

How Would I Set Up A Betting Pool For The Kentucky Derby?

Random drawing not betting on a specific horse

What Brand Of Pool Cue Should I Purchase?

I have been playing for about 8 years with about 4 years of competitive playing, gambling, etc. I have had the same Meucci for 7 years, and I think it’s time to upgrade. Does anyone have any thoughts on a Meucci limiting the development of your game? I’m a fairly strong player. Just to give you an idea, I can break and run about 1 out of 15 or so 9 ball racks. I have narrowed my search to 3. I’ve never played a Jacoby cue and only one Joss and one Schon. I want to order one over the internet to save money. I know Joss and Schon cues have a firmer hit to them and I’m kind of thinking that would help improve my game. Anyone know how Jacoby cues feel?

How Do You Make A World Cup Soccer Betting Pool? Nothing Professional, Just A Little Friendly One.?

If anyone can provide a chart or a well detailed method of organizing a small (about 20 people) friendly pool that would be great. I know there are different methods but i dont have info on any of them. Any information on this topic would be greatly appreciated. thanks

What Is The Best Way To Set Up A (for Fun) Baby Betting Pool?

the baby’s gender is unknown, due date 6/30/07.

How Do You Set Up An Oscar Betting Pool?

I want to set up an Oscar pool for me and my co-workers, but I’ve never even participated in one before. How do I make one?

Do You Think It Is Possible For My Friend And I To Swim 10 Miles In A 50m Long Pool?

My friend and i want a challenge,and we are very athletic,so we made a bet to our sport coaches saying we could swim 10 miles in a 50m long pool weve dont the math. 346 wall toauches in the pool is 10 miles.do you guys think this is possible,we run everyday and we are in shape.

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Where Can I Print A 2009 Super Bowl Betting Pool?

Where can i print a 2009 Super Bowl betting pool?

Anyone Know Of A Website That Can Keep Track Of Betting/ Office Pool?

We would like to find a wbsite that can organize and keep track of an office pool we are going to have for American Idol. This would be a type of website that each of us would be able to go to each week and enter who we think the bottom three contestants are. We are thinking there might be a website like this used for sports betting, etc. Thanks!

How To Do A Football Betting Pool Correctly?

I want to do a Football pool for our Superbowl party with 100 squares. How do I do this correctly? Also, with 10 adults.. how much do you think the squares should be each? Thank you!