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Who Do You Think Is The Best-looking Professional Soccer Player?

So the World Cup is going on! Same question, different time…
No, I DO NOT watch soccer (which has been in my life–I’m definitely half-Mexican and my family is crazy about the sport– and I’ve played just about all my life, by the way) just to LOOK AT the guys, but just curious…
I’m betting DAVID BECKHAM will win this one :)
I like (Paulo) Figueiredo too though.

I Want To Become A Professional Sport Better, And Give Expert Advice To People…anyone Know How?

I bet every day..mostly tennis, football, baseball, basketball and ice-hockey. How can i get a job as an expert better…and where…give advice to people about betting.

How Do You Make A World Cup Soccer Betting Pool? Nothing Professional, Just A Little Friendly One.?

If anyone can provide a chart or a well detailed method of organizing a small (about 20 people) friendly pool that would be great. I know there are different methods but i dont have info on any of them. Any information on this topic would be greatly appreciated. thanks

Are A Lot Of Professional Sports Teams In The South About To Go Under, Bankrupt?

A sports writer for ESPN, I think, said he talked to an NHL executive who predicted 15 teams would go under in the next few years.
I’m betting a lot of them are Southern teams.
I know a lot of teams in the NBA down south are getting hit hard, as well as southern teams in other sports leagues, except perhaps the NFL. That seems to be an exception…maybe.
I definitely can see the Grizzlies going down, as well as the Hornets. The Hawks have never really done well. Didn’t I hear that their games against the Celtics in the playoffs didn’t sell out or something?

Why Is Professional Baseball Such A Joke And Full Of Hypocrites?

Ok, in baseball, you can take drugs to enhance your game (Bonds) but if you are caught betting on the game, you are banned for life (Pete Rose). What about Mark Mcguire?
Bonds continues to be cheered on even though everyone knows he is reaching this goal by cheating. If in bicycling, what would have happened to Lance Armstrong if he was under the same situation that Bonds is in?
Does this mean that Michael Vick should have played baseball and fought his dogs? Baseball has never been the same since the strike and, in my opinion, should no longer be called America’s passtime.
Thank you to the NFL and every other sport out there still keeping the integrity. Why can’t baseball have this same ethics?

What Professional Football Team Are You Betting On This Week To Cover The Spread?

Detroit +10. I think that is the best on the board for this week (excluding last night’s WV -17). It will be crazy if Chicago wins that game by 10+.
I also like Carolina (anywhere from PK to -2) and Washington +7.

Is A Professional Gambler A Bum?

If someone aspires to win money on sports gambling or poker, are they a bum? If they win at sports betting or poker consistently are they a bum? What is your opinion?

What Are The Official Policies Towards Legal Offshore Gambling Amongst The Us Professional Sports Leagues?

Example – I live in Englang where gambling is legal and I want to bet with William Hill on the upcoming NFL game in London.
Does the NFL have an official position towards legal gambling abroad? Do other leagues have an offiical stance on sites like www.betfair.com?

When Will Professional Sports Start Investigating Refs Who Make Bad Calls That Affect The Outcome Of A Game?

Do you think teams should be allowed to challenge penalties in the NFL?
Do you think MLB needs create the ability to review bad calls?
It just makes me feel like everything is rigged when a bad call determines the outcome of a game and decides who wins or loses.
They should call it the „Tim Donaghy Rule.” (NBA ref caught for calling games so he could win on bets he placed, for those of you who didn’t know)

Corruption In Professional Sports Is Here To Stay. Mlb, Nfl, Nba, Boxing, Mma What?s Next?

Corruption in professional sports is here to stay. MLB, NFL, NBA, Boxing, MMA What?s next?
The list goes on:
MLB: Barry Bonds is still being accused of using an enhanced drug.
NFL: Patriots, now come on, spying on your opponents, not very patriotic.
NBA: Tim Donaghy refereeing on games he was betting on.
Boxing: There has always been a bad image for boxing and corruption.
MMA: UFC 75 fight between Michael Bisping and Matt Hamill as a victory for Bisping
I didn?t ever want to believe that there was someone behind professional sports pulling the strings, but now I believe otherwise. The facts are in front of us everyday.
Where there is money, there will be corruption. It is sad.
I guess after a few beers and the event starts it really doesn?t matter.