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When Sports Teams/stars Say A Quick Prayer To God Before A Game, Does He, Like, Listen?

I see it all the time. Usually Italian soccer teams. They come on th piitch, kiss their crucifix and look to the Heavens. And then get beaten. Or boxers. They might both pray to God before a bout. Then when they lose doesn’t this shatter their faith? Does God even listen? If God is with them, then who is against them? What’s God’s favourite team? Does he even like sport? Can someone who speaks with Him please ask Him who’s going to win next years World Series. So I can, like, place a bet…

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Quick Jobs/good Places To Work…quick Ways To Make Some Cash?

I’m a senior in high school. My car just died so now I have to bum rides everywhere rather annoying. Anyways I’ve made a couple bucks through sports betting but not enough/to risky/ to get by. I’ve seriously applied to 10 stores handed in the applications and have heard nothing back. Where would good be a good place to look for work? I’ve even resorted to mcdonalds but haven’t heard a thing yet. I know im only in highschool but I have to pay for my Car, gas, now owe $400 on insurance and just had to cancel my phone because im out of money! Help lol!

Hello Football Fans, A Quick Poll: What Are Your Favorite Betting Sites (bet365, Bwin, Etc.) And Why?

Also do you know of any sites that have fantasy games (either free or not) that you can play competitively for prizes/cash?

Any Quick Money Saving Tips?

What do you guys do to save money? It can be a small or big saving
1.Newspaper. My local Ladbrokes bookmaker gives away The Sun.Saves me ?1.55 a week
2.Pens. Also from Ladbrokes, lol
3.I have a NUS student card I use even though am not a student now lol
4.I always use jiffy bags ive received goods in
5.I place a bottle of tap water in the freezer before i drink it on the bus to work cos before i was paying for bottled water. ?1.25 a week saved
6.Always cut freebies out the newspaper or magazines :)
7.I make my own drinks everyday with my Jack Lalanne rather than pay the shops prices.
8.I always ring friends and hang up so they phone back
9.Always try not to get a round in at the pub
10.Condoms free from Health Promotion
11.Bought hair clippers rather than going to barber
12.When i go 2 a fast food joint, i throw lots of sauches in my food bag
Lots of others things i do. Some are just plain mean and nasty lol