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In Horse Racing Betting Does The Favourite Usually Get Shorter Odds Closer To The Race?

the serious money is coming in…..

What Is The Legal Betting Age At Belmont Race Track In New York?


What Is The Most Popular Website For Horse Race Betting?

I like TVG – Interactive Horseracing…check out link below to see if it’s for you..This is something that is personal preference, so you may get different answers..It’s definitely one of the most popular website.
TVG – Online Horse Wagering and Race Betting website..http://www.tvg.com/

Anyone Know Good Horse Racing Betting Sites Or How To Bet On Horse Race Or Horse Racing Secrets?


its the worlds biggest and best betting exchange

Best Places For Horse Race Betting In Las Vegas?

not sure what exactly im looking for but big screen, nice atmosphere, and comfy seating.

I Really Need Some Horse Race Betting Info Help, Can You See In Advance, A Bracket, Or Who Is Racing Who?

im going to santa anita race track this saturday. i want to find online a bracket of who is racing who so I can look up their previous races myself. is this possible?

Win/place/show – How Popular Is Betting On Race Horses (karera) In The Philippines?

my lolo was schooled in san lazaro. i just have to ask, uso pa ba ang karera sa atin? do a lot of ppl still bet on horses?

If A Horse Race Has A Trainer With Two Betting Interests How Do Exotics Figure If Both Horses Finish In The $?

i.e. If a race has a horse 1 and 1a (or 1b, 1x) and both horses run and share a trainer. . . say the official order of the race is as follows: 1 – 3 – 1a – 7 – 5 and I bet the superfecta (box) 1/3/5/7 would I still win? Never seen it happen but always been curious. Thanks in advance for a solid answer!

Is There A Horse Race Betting Game Similar To „football Squares” We Can Play At A Party?

Looking for something to make a party we are having during the Belmont a little more exciting.

What Are The Slang Terms For Amounts Of Money Used In Uk Horse Race Betting?

I believe that „Pony” is such a term, and that „Archer” stands for ?2,000. Is there somewhere I can find a list of the terms for differents amounts of money (or can you supply such a list!)?
I want to know in connection with a creative writing exercise, not for gambling purposes!