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Why Is It That I Can Bet On Horse Racing Online But I Can Not Any Other Sport?

it depends on your local laws i can bet on horses online but not dogs.

In Horse Racing Betting Does The Favourite Usually Get Shorter Odds Closer To The Race?

the serious money is coming in…..

Is Horseback Riding (not Racing) Actually A Sport?

I dont think horseback riding is a sport. You sit on a horse, and so what? Horseback Racing I think is a sport because its racing, its been on ESPN, and people bet money on it. But anyway, I just think horseback riding is just kind of an aerobic excercise. Is it actually a sport?

Can Horse Racing Be Considered A Cruel Sport?

And should whips be banned completely?I do gamble on the horses but it would be a difficult to bet on a horse if the jockeys were only riding hands and heels,but what do you think?

Can Any One Tell Me A Good Website For Good Tips On Betting On Football, Horse Racing Etc?

thanks for any help.

Is The Sport Of Horse Racing In Decline?

Some tracks have closed and, by just scanning the crowd, it seems to be getting smaller. I know that on-line betting and off track betting would naturally affect the numbers at the track, but I’ve wondered if people are going to casinos instead.

Does Anyone Know Any Of The Developement Of Betting On Horse Racing?

i don’t know where to find anything about the above and the question doesnt really make sense to me cant anyone help???
I have to work on the Development Of Structures Of The Horse Industry And Its Impact On Legislations (the horse industry ive been told to do is Thoroughbred Racing)

Anyone Know Good Horse Racing Betting Sites Or How To Bet On Horse Race Or Horse Racing Secrets?


its the worlds biggest and best betting exchange

What Service Would You Use To Bet On Horse Racing?

My home track Canterbury Park has closed for the season and im not to into their simulcast facility plus Canterbury park is about a hour away. So to make a trip up their every day for a few races doesnt pan out cost wise, especially since im not a big player.
Anyways i have been looking into a couple of forms of wagering from home like TVG’s interactive wagering system that DISH Network has. Also i saw a ad in the DRF i believe it was, for a New York OTB I think literally called NewyorkOTB or something. On the site it states that they are in the US and US Regulated. Which sounds good but i didnt know that was possible. But then again i may be thinking about Sports betting and how that for sure isnt legal in the US (Except vegas i think).
Which brings me to the third option i have been looking into, which is off shore betting services like Bet Jamaica or Legends Sportsbook. Ive looked into these to, but the fact that they are offshore and that they send Cashiers checks to them and from them to you via Fedex makes me a little wary of this idea.
If any of you have any experience with any of these or know of reasons to use them or not i would really appreciate the info, thanks!

What Is The Difference Between Horse Racing, Dog Racing, Deer Hunting And ….micheal Vick’s Case?

Ok…I have anaylized Mike Vick’s case and other animal sporting events. Government sanctioned animal sports have been in place for decades and the animal rights people have had been quiet until now.
First horse racing. These animals are injected with steriods and overburdened to win races. There is money bet on their outcome. If they seriously break a leg, then they are put to sleep.
Next is dog racing…Greyhounds…Big money is wagered on their outcome. These animals are bred for racing. They are injected with dangerous steriods. If they lose their competitive edge or get injured, then they are thrown to a shitty kennel and are forgotten. Some are even put to sleep.
Finally….Deer Hunting…This sport pisses me off. How can some Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia or West Virginia red neck go and blow defenseless bambi’s brains out and get to hang the head on the wall? They seldom eat the animal. Where are the animal rights activists for this?