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Can You Recommend A Good Financial Spread Betting Site/company For A Novice?

Any recommendations for sites/companies? (uk based?)
Also any recommendations for free currency charts etc

Can I Get Into Trouble In The Uk For Subversive Comments On A Chinese Forum? And Can Anyone Recommend One?

The chinese government regularly „patrols” its internet sites to make sure that users do not promote Gambling, Superstition, or make comments against the government.
I am a pretty vehement supporter of free speech, and also feel I could derive a considerable amount of enjoyment from saying just these things. But would I get into trouble?

Recommend A Betting Site That Has All Of The Below?

A good betting site where you can bett on sports and tv shows? But no real money involved, instead credits which can be used to buy gifts. Please reccomend a betting site that has these personalitys

Hi From Mexico, I Am A Nfl Fan That Loves Sports Bet, Could You Recommend Me A Site That Has Good Game Picks?

also that has analysis of every game if possible
thanks a lot
pd tips and recommendations on how to bet and probability stuff are welcome

I Need To Pay My Rent. Can Anyone Recommend A Good Sports Betting Website. I Need Some Easy Cash To Pay Rent

While I love sports betting and could recommend some outstanding sites, I don’t believe that it is the answer to your rent dilemma! You cannot be guaranteed a sports betting win for the short term, it takes years to perfect handicapping, money management and you should only use recreational funds to start. Don’t gamble to try to pay your bills it’s too much pressure and you are bound to lose!

Can Someone Recommend A Site Where I Can Get Free Online Casino Chips For Internet Gambling?

Yes, I have a great recommendation for you. http://www.ranked-online-casinos.com/no-? has a list of about 9 or 10 online casinos that have free play offers for new players with no purchase required to get the free chips. There are also another 20 or so casinos that have offers of $10-$25 for new players with no purchase necessary as well. You can win real money without risking any of your own. Good luck and have fun!

Can Anyone Recommend A Sports Betting Company To Contact In Asia?

Definition of what is needed:
Company has a sports book server. The server is connected to offshore sites (sports book centers) via the internet. Each of the sites have a printer and a pc system connected to the internet.
Betters and Vendors (runners) go to the sport book centers or use a cellphone to place bets.
The internet can relay results and other from the company server to tv, mobile phones, radios, etc.
Interested in all soccer league play and western and asian style of betting.
We have a three year no bid license, will operate day-to-day sport book centers in the receiving centers. Training also needed.
sports betting is completely new to us and we need a company that has strict governance and high integrity.
We will have a revenue of $360 million plus per year for 3 years.
Please provide following for immediate contact:
Company name, contact person, contact information needed for direct negotiations.