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Do You Think They Should Prosecute The San Antonio Spurs Referee For Tainting The Scores; So He Could Gamble?

Yesterday, unfortunately, a NBA Referee was charged with „fixing” the scores at major NBA games so he could win some bets. Should all referees be subpoenead in this „big” case? What do you think of ‚sports gambling’?

Do You Think There Is A Betting-scandal (referee Corruption)in This French „victory” Against The All-blacks ?

I just want to understand this strange ” victory”…

What Happened To That Referee That Was Betting On The Games?

On Aug. 15 he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to engage in wire fraud and transmitting wagering information through interstate commerce. He is waiting for his sentencing.
The FBI investigation continues. Seems married man Donaghy had a girlfriend in Phoenix. A Phoenix bartender/bar owner is being questioned about his involvement, if any, with Donaghy’s scheme.
His wife has filed for divorce.

Do You Think There Was Only One Referee Involved In The Nba Game Betting?

Or will there be more that will come to light, like the 1st class ticket fiasco some years ago.

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Does Anyone Know Which Nba Referee Is Under Fbi Investigation For Betting On Games He Officiated?


I read this story this morning but they haven’t named the official. It would be interesting to find out what games he officiated and who won in those games. They are saying he bet on games that he officiated in and might have worked the point spread in his favor in relation to his betting.
The said the investigation started recently and that it was a current NBA official. If anyone has any real info on this as far as who has been named, that would be great.

Do You Think Nfl Referee Ed Hochuli,is Fixing Nfl Games To Get Payed By Las Vegas Sports Betting?

Weird calls lately