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Whats A Good Sight To Bet On Fights And Sporting Events? A Reliable One People Trust?

Honestly, NONE.
Keep in mind, these are off-shore businesses and they have NO obligation to pay you. Many operate in Costa Rica and India and will quickly accept your money but pay off slowly or not at all.
I enjoy betting on college football. Did well and went through weeks of crap just to get the money owed me. Two years ago, they literally stole from me by refusing to pay out.
Don’t do it. They are scam artists.

What’s A Reliable Website To Gamble And Play Sports?

I wish to play some football this season on the web as well as play some poker as well. First, what would be a good, safe and friendly website to play and with me being in the USA, what exactly are the laws on betting and will I get in trouble?? How do you get paid if you win and whats the best way to put your money up??

What Is The The Most Reliable Sport To Make Money From Betting?

sports betting

Reliable Sports Betting Service?

i realise i may have to pay, so which ones come up with the goods
and which ones failed

What Is The Best And Most Reliable Online Sports Betting Sites In U.s.?

Is it legal?

Which Internet Sports Betting Site Is The Most Reliable And Honest.?

You will find comprehensive independent reviews of only the most reputable gaming sites at http://GamblingReviewsSite.com You will find the sportsbook that suits your style and offers excellent customer service, the best security, and fast/free payouts! You will also find lots of free daily sports picks, a sports betting message board with even more picks, and other free sports betting information to help you be a winner.
Just a side note to address the other answers that are incorrect. You cannot use an online sportsbook that is based in the USA if you are an American resident! The only exception is if you are a Nevada resident. American residents can use an offshore sportsbook without violating ANY federal laws whatsoever!

What Is A Safe Reliable Online Sports Betting Website?

Kenny is right, BookMaker offers the best sports betting action for US players. I have also used them for years and I have been impressed at the high level of service that I have received. Here is their link, http://gamblingreviewssite.com/BookMaker? by using this link you will qualify for their best current bonus program. You will also find a certified independent review of their service, as well as other reputable and safe sportsbooks at http://GamblingReviewsSite.com

Anyone From Usa Knows Some Reliable Sports Betting Sites?

I tried bet365.com and some other offshore sites but they wouldn’t allow me to register as they didn’t have the regional option for USA. I am interested at tennis betting. Thanks.