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Question To Republicans About Obama?

I keep seeing people write that McCain will wipe the floor with Obama and that McCain is certain to win.
Are there any people out there who realise that it will be difficult for McCain to win. Are there any out there who think it is almost impossible.
I know that republicans want him to win and hope he will but all reports showing Obama will win by aroudn 100 votes even if they are wrong its unlikely they will be that wrong.
Las Vegas is giving crazy odd on McCain winning and hardly taking bets on Obama at this stage.
Bookmakers in Europe have started to pay out on Obama winning, thats right they are already paying their own money.

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Why Did Republicans Ban Internet Poker In America In 2006?

That’s pretty much the only reason I absolutely REFUSE to EVER vote for ANY Republican. In 2006, an effort led by GOP Senator Bill Frist and GOP Congressmen Jim Leach and Bob Goodlatte ended up basically banning internet poker for profit within the United States.
It’s a bit more complicated than that – I still play poker for money online from the US – but it is in a bizarre legal grey zone created by this disastrous GOP-sponsored bill.
To make matters worse, the Bush administration released a statement WELCOMING the legislation! Bush should have DENOUNCED it and refused to sign the port security bill to which it was attached.
The GOP still hasn’t explained why they went on jihad against online poker, nor have they apologized – thus, I still can’t support them no matter how much I hate 0bama.
Do any Republicans here have explanations/apologies? I still haven’t gotten a straight answer. It obviously wasn’t banned for moral reasons, since things like horse race gambling were specifically PROTECTED by the SAME LEGISLATION!

The Republicans And Democrats Want To Take Away Your Right To Gamble On The Internet. Should They?

Wayne Allyn Root, the Veep running with Bob Barr says.
*I support Internet Freedom. I support the legalization, regulation & taxation of Online Gaming (just like U.K.). Prohibition has been proven a failure. Let’s legalize, regulate and tax this growing industry- thereby bringing in billions of dollars in new tax revenues that we can use for deficit reduction, homeland security, or the war on terror.http://rootforamerica.com/home/wherestan?


Would It Surprise You To Hear That Sarah Palin Is Currently The Republicans Best Hope Of Beating Obama In 2012?

with the bookmakers:-
Should they win,
$1 on Obama would win you $1.91
$1 on Palin would win you $17.00

Why Did 94% Of Republicans Support The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act?

Jim Leach (R-IA) the christian conservative congressman from Iowa, sponsored the bill because he believes internet gambling jeopardized the social fabric of the family….why do christians continue to tell me how i should live my life?http://www.eruditesys.com/PokerMate/hr-4?

Are The Republicans Betting Against America When They Hope Stimulus Fails?

Republican both in hose and senate as well as the unofficial head of the GOP, Rush Limbaugh have actually come out and stated that they hope Obama fails and that stimulus fails. Are they betting against America in order to score political points?

Why Do Republicans Preach About The Importance Of Freedom But Then Take Away Our Freedom Of Internet Gambling?

It doesn’t make any sense. They always talk about how we are fighting for freedom but then they take all of ours away. Are they all just hypocritical idiots?