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What Are The Rules For Betting”double Or Nothing” When Gambling?

Are you doubling your bet only , winnings only, or both?

Bookmakers Rules……………?

if i have a bet ,
and i just back the s.p. favourite instaed of picking an exact horse ,
and the race is won by a JOINED FAVOURITE , WHAT HAPPENS ??
because a backed fav and a j/f won , and in my transactions it is recorded as won but the bookie hasnt paid me ?

Bookmakers Rules????????????

if you win 4 thousnd pounds in a bookies , will they require and i.d ??
and will hey pay cash or do you have to have a cheque ??????

Would This Betting System Go Against Casino Rules?

I know its „just another Martindale system” but this gets round the issue of min/max bets. I am wondering whether it breaches any other casino rules for roulette.
You start with $1 on one number, betting in the same way until you are $10 down.
Then you double, go with $2 for another 10 spins and so on.
Eventually you have to win, and when you do you get all your money back plus a nice profit.
Would this breach any roulette rules i havent thought of?

Where Can I Find Out The Rules Governing Bookmaking In 1970?

I understand that bookmakers at the time generally ran a ‚fair’ book – ie if the odds shortened on one horse in a race, they’d lengthen on one or more of the other horses. The overall effect was that, if you were to split ?110 into stakes in inverse proportion to the odds of each horse, you’d be guaranteed ?100 return. (Numbers are just examples – don’t know the exact rates). Was this due to legislation, or just custom?

What Are The Rules For Dealing Blackjack Without Betting.?

I want to play Blackjack for $5 a hand with some friends. Can someone please tell me the correct method of dealing? When we switch off and everything? Thanks.

What Are The Betting Rules Of Strip Poker?

As I understand it, clothing is used in place of chips or cash, therefore you could use your winnings as a wager. For example, when you win a hand, the other player removes and item of clothing and you can then put it on, giving you another item to come off before you start exposing anything. Like in regular poker, you add your winnings to your pile and use it in the game.
My boyfriend, on the other hand, thinks you just take off your clothes and leave them off, not give them to the winner. I think he’s just saying this to get me naked. What do you guys think?