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Sport Scandals – Gambling?

So I’m writing a paper, and I need some examples of some sport scandals that involve gambling
For example :
Tim Donaghy – gambling on sport games
Pete Rose – Betting on MLB Games
The more the merrier. Thanks in advance !

Why Was Italy Allowed To Participate In The World Cup When The Entire Team Was Involved In Betting Scandals?

Shouldn’t they have been banned?

What Is Going On With All The Scandals In Professional Sports???

I think it’s atrocious, and is very bad for all sports. I can’t believe there are so many scandals surfacing in professional sports over the past few years, with NFL players involving themselves in illegal activity and using steroids, baseball players doping, and NBA players punching fans coupled with a referee who was betting on games, and then that horrible murder suicide in professional wrestling, and I’ve even heard that golfers might be using steroids!!! What is going on here? Did the media just not talk about these things before, or is there a new level of desperation in professional sports?