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Is The Bmw 8 Series Too Much To Handle As A First Car??

I am obsessed with this car as of recently with it’s timeless styling in my opinion, offering luxury, as well as pure power to back it up.
Plus, I always would love to have a car not too many people have, that would make people’s heads turn, or at least say to themselves that they haven’t seen a BMW like that.
And with the fact that a used model goes for around $20k, this makes my dream all the more attainable.
However, is this car even practical to get in this day and age? The way I see it, most used models exceed 100k miles and I heard many of them are maintenance nightmares, unless they are perfectly maintained. I can’t even imagine the insurance costs of a sports car such as this for a 17 year old as myself.
So really, is this too much of a car for me, with the power provided, and the costs of insurance and repairs?
Would the 840ci be a better bet to get, since it’s a bit weaker? I also heard the engine on this model is more reliable as well.

Betting On The Little League World Series?

Can you bet on the Little League World Series at a sportsbook? Are there lines on the LLWS?

Will The England Lose This Test Series?

After all the speculation in the English media about victory? when in fact we/they have 3 more tests to go.The Aussies are the deserved favourites now (as even the english bookmakers aren’t that silly).

What Is The Best Site To Be Betting On Sports Such As The World Series And Nfl Games Right Now??

i know lines and stuff are different but i dont know to much about it, just trying to find the best deals on world series and NFL games now. any help would be much appreciated!

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