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Does Anyone Know That Website Where You Buy Shares Of Bets So It Works Like A Stock Market System.?

So a few months ago my brother made me checkout some site where they had bets and wages going on for social events. In these bets though you buy shares instead of a base „yes or no” they had things such as political agendas „will Barack close Guantanamo” to even sports wages „will the Red Sox win the world series”
If anyone knows what this site was called, I would highly appreciate it ty.

Has Anyone Ever Made A Profit Trading Shares By Spread Betting?

I have never been able to make a profit on shares or indexes by spread betting – I have tried charting following signals etc with out success- should I give up?

In Financial Spread Betting, What Happens When A Company’s Shares Are Suspended?

If I’m shorting the stock -when and at what price is the trade closed and are there additional risks I should be aware of?