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What Are Some Good Online Sports Gambling Sites That Allow You To Withdraw Your Funds Quickly?

I’m looking mainly for basketball betting that gives you a lot of bets. Mostly I’m looking for a site that will allow you to take your money quickly. Something along the lines of 3-7 days. 2 weeks tops. Most of the sites that I gambled with take a long process, about 2 months or so. They take your money quickly, but take forever to pay you. It’s a slick strategy, cuz they know while you wait you will change your mind and gamble all your winnings away. I need something that I can cash out quick. I heard there was one that takes a few days. Anybody know any?

Online Gambling Sites?

What is a good online gambling site where I can:
Play Poker
Play Blackjack
Play Roulette
Bet on horses
Bet on sports
Bet on elections…

Hello Football Fans, A Quick Poll: What Are Your Favorite Betting Sites (bet365, Bwin, Etc.) And Why?

Also do you know of any sites that have fantasy games (either free or not) that you can play competitively for prizes/cash?

Anyone Know Good Horse Racing Betting Sites Or How To Bet On Horse Race Or Horse Racing Secrets?


its the worlds biggest and best betting exchange

Does Anyone Know Of Any Betting Sites That You Can Bet Free Money And Win Real Money?

I found this site so far http://www.FreedomBets.com/r/brodyvegas its pretty good but are there others?

The Best Football Picks Betting Sites? Anyone With Input?

Found the following site seems pretty legit with their Football Picks and College Football picks. Do any of you have other suggestions.
Apparently Vegas Onine Sports offer guarantee picks if you don’t win you don’t pay do any of the other sites have this kinda of offer? Check it out for yourself:


If there are any other suggestions I am open for.

Sites Keeping Popping Up?

When i open my internet browser (which is firefox)
internet explorer opens with sites for example Gambling sites and sites trying to sell laptops and car insurance and stuff like this
I have got Avg and spybot
i keep them both updated everyday
I have done scans with both and there both get very little things and i delete them but when i shut down the computer and reload the computer once again there start poping up
Also i delete my cookie and delete my history all the time
please help
the person which helps to get rid of the pop ups get the 10 points

Please Tell Me Internet Sites Useful For Betting?

Can you tell me sites that include useful information about betting? For example statistics, tips and especially injured and suspended players from clubs. I’m looking for sites about Turkish, Czech, Dutch, Greek, Romanian leagues or so. I can find info about bigger leagues like Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A or so…

According To Bookmaking And Betting Sites, Who Will Win The Superbowl? Steelers Or Seahawks?

I can not understand the betting and bookmaking sites. Can you please look at them and tell me who they think is going to win and what the odds are? Thank you.

Fake Money Betting Sites?

Yes is there any sites that you can bet on sports and stuff with fake money, you know for the fun, and to see how good you are at predicting. Main sports that would be cool is NFL, Boxing, UFC and stuff like that. Thanks in advanced